Friday, 6 September 2019

What can I eat?

Its mid day already,
And time for my lunch.
I want something tasty,
Something to munch.

I go to the kitchen,
Open a door,
I look at the contents,
They seem rather poor.

Maybe some tuna,
I search and I peek.
Oh darn, I remember,
I ate it last week!

A sandwich perhaps,
I pull out the bread!
Oh, its gone all green.
That won't get me fed.

I sigh and I moan,
Thinking of food,
My tummy is rumbling,
I'm in a bad mood.

Potatoes, now there's an idea.
I grab one and scrub,
I'll bake in its jacket,
It'll be nice tasty grub.

In the microwave,
For a minute or two,
Beep, beep it is done,
Fully cooked through.

What shall I add?
To make it taste great,
Some cheese and tomato,
I throw on the plate.

Yum, now that's very tasty,
Not a bad meal,
I eat every scrap,
Even the peel.

My tummy is happy,
Couldn't eat another bite.
Back to work now,
I've poems to write.