Friday, 3 November 2017

Well I'll be dashed!

Well I'll be dashed!
The builders are back.
With lots of white stones,
In a great big sack.

It's been three weeks,
Since they came here last,
Because the rain it fell,
And the wind did blast.

But they're back on track,
with ladders and mortar,
It'll soon be all done,
If I supply enough water!

The kettle is on,
To make them some tea,
Will they finish today,
We'll wait and we'll see.

It's looking quite good now,
Not dowdy and grey,
White pebbles and render,
All rubble's away.

I'm happy it's done,
It's been such a trial,
But now that I look,
I've started to smile.

It's looking quite smart,
T'was quite worth the wait,
Dressed up in it's finery,
And looking so great.

But, I must now admit,
It's been quite a test.
And now I can sit down,
And have a long rest.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

My house is naked!

My house is naked!
It's getting a new coat.
It's down to bare bricks,
We got a good quote.

They banged and they drilled,
Removing the old,
It won't take too long,
The builders, they told.

On goes the first layer,
Concrete, all grey,
Oh, so much dust,
It'll be worth it, they say.

The first one is done,
Now wait for it to dry.
Oh rain, go away!
The men they do cry.

Make us a cuppa,
Is said with a grin,
And also a biscuit?
To dunk down within?

They've gone for the day,
Now time for a tidy,
Dust, dirt be gone,
Til they come back on Friday!

Hopefully it will soon be done,
I'll drop you a line,
On how it is going,
If they're taking their time.

So until my next poem,
I'm going to wait,
Until it's all done,
And they're out of my gate!

Friday, 8 September 2017

My Daughter's getting married!

The time it has flown
She has grown up so fast,
Has her own house,
A man that will last!

He popped the question,
And she said YES!
That means a wedding,
Lots of planning I guess.

Where for the ceremony,
How many guests?
There are lots to invite,
My daughter suggests.

What about the dress,
Short, to the floor?
White maybe cream,
One she'll adore.

What about bridesmaids,
One two or three?
Family and friends,
A pleasure to see.

Then there's the food!
Types to please all.
Veggie and meat eaters,
They'll all have a ball.

What about the evening?
The music and dance?
Thinking of it all,
I'm in quite a trance.

But one thing is sure,
The day will be great,
Enjoyed by everyone,
I can't wait for the date.

I'll put on my hat,
Help out the bride,
Have a great day,
And smile with pride.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Senior moments!

It is now official!
I'm getting quite old,
But my mind is still sharp,
If I might be so bold.

But, now and again,
Something goes wrong,
I'm never quite sure,
It's not been happening long!

Senior moments,
I think they are known,
Those times when your brain,
Out of the window has flown!

You know the ones,
A slip of the mind,
You put back your keys,
In a place you can't find!

When leaving a room,
You go through the door,
Then can't remember,
What you went in there for!

You put the milk in the cupboard,
Cereal in the fridge!
Do you think you are mad?
Well maybe a smidge.

You walk to the shops,
To buy lacking stuff!
But then it's forgotten,
Curiously enough!

You boil the kettle,
To make you some tea,
Check in ten minutes,
The cup's empty, you see.

I forget names,
What things are called,
It's annoying, too true,
I'm really appalled!

I'm really not mad,
I'm just getting on.
Cut me some slack,
Cos my brain's not quite gone!

Friday, 18 August 2017


Went to the doctor,
My B12 jab was due.
Saw a different nurse,
She said she was new.

Chatted away,
She drew up the stuff,
Ow, that really hurt!
That was quite rough!

I turned for to look,
A big needle I saw!
One for drawing up,
I stared, with a drop of the jaw!

Is it not enough,
That I have to be here?
You hurt me so much,
Coming again I will fear.

My arm is now sore,
Come up in a bruise!
You hurt and abused,
The nurse I accuse.

I'm sorry she says,
Won't do it next time,
I'll use one much smaller,
Which won't be a crime!

Thank you dear nurse,
For being so kind,
I'll come back again,
I really won't mind.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

I can't work it out!

I love a good puzzle,
Crosswords and such,
They keep my mind active,
So it don't addle too much!

But oh, this puzzle I'm on!
Days, I have toiled
I can't work it out!
My fun it is spoiled!

I get out the books,
To check up on the word,
But still it won't fit,
This is getting absurd!

I check out a website,
To finish the clue,
But still it won't work,
I'm feeling quite blue!

I throw down the book,
In a bit of a shock,
This difficult thing,
Is starting to mock!

I need to get out,
For a walk I will go,
Maybe my brain,
Will get a good blow!

A lightbulb comes on.
That's the answer I seek!
Flying high in the sky,
I look up for a peek.

Drone! That's the one,
I've done it at last!
I fill in the squares,
And finish quite fast.

I smile and turn,
To the next puzzle page,
Sudoko, oh no,
This will take me an age!

But I'll do it, you'll see
I'll work it all out,
Cos using my brain,
Is what it's about!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I need a new oven!

I need a new oven!
My old one is dead.
It needs to come quickly,
Or none will get fed.

I look on the web,
A.O., they look fine,
I look and peruse,
Which one will be mine?

Ah, that one looks good,
I choose and I pay.
Not long now to wait,
Then I can play.

Two chaps have arrived,
They smile and say,
You'll have a new oven,
By the end of the day.

Inside of the hour,
They've finished the job!
They try the new oven,
By turning the knob.

It works! And I smile,
Happy am I,
I'm going to get cooking!
Tea time is nigh.

So I thank you A.O.,
For a job that was great.
They even cleaned up!
Really first rate.