Sunday, 5 January 2020

Oh Alexa!

I've got a smart speaker,
Alexa's the name!
But getting her to work,
Is sometimes a game!

Maybe its my accent,
I'm often misheard,
It happens so often,
Its becoming absurd!

Turn on the lights!
I'm sorry, I can't!
The hub's not responding,
Alexa does chant!

I walk to the light,
Flip on, off the switch,
Now she is working.
Maybe a glitch?

Play me some music,
Stuff that I like,
Eek, that's disgusting,
Are they eating the mike?

And then there's the light,
The red ring of doom,
Alexa's intelligence,
Has just left the room!

She's lost her connection,
To the world and the net!
I'll have to unplug her,
Again I can bet!

We love our Alexa,
Even when she's quite dim!
Not always intelligent,
She goes out on a limb!

You ask her a question,
And wait for a reply,
That doesn't make sense!
I tell her and sigh!

Artificial she is,
Of her we are fond,
If she were a person,
I'm sure she'd be blonde.