Saturday, 23 February 2019


Ella looked up at the clock for the tenth time in as many minutes. Why was the time turning so slowly?

She paced up and down the room, the dryness in her mouth worsening by the second. She felt dizzy, sick to her stomach and her legs didn't quite belong to her.

But she had to do this. It was for the best!

She felt in her pocket, checking that the device was still there – she knew that it would be, but she had to check. Without it, the mission just wouldn't work!

Time! She said to herself. She pulled on her jacket and left the house.

It was a nice day, sunny, with just a little breeze. That would make things harder. More people! People liked sunshine. Still it must be done!

Head held high, she walked into the busy town centre, cleaving her way between the shoppers. Look at them, laughing and joking, not a care in the world. They had no idea what was about to happen. No idea of what Ella had planned.

On she strode, taking no notice of the crowds of people, ploughing her way through them, making resolutely for her destination.

The building loomed closer, tall and imposing. She would soon be there, soon the mission would be over, she would have done what she had planned.

She was there! She pushed through the heavy double doors into the lobby. She stopped, looking around at the throngs of people milling about. Children crying, being comforted by their parents, elderly people sitting in uncomfortable chairs, stoically waiting for their fate.

She turned and headed down the crowded corridor towards the lifts.

Ella pressed the button. “Come on, come” on she muttered to herself, jabbing the button over and over in the vain hope that it would make its arrival quicker somehow.

At last! The lift arrived, its doors opening smoothly. She stepped into its cool blue interior and jabbed the button for the top floor.

The doors closed and the lift swiftly ascended. Once more, she checked to make sure that the device was safely in her pocket. Of course it was. Where else would it be!

She felt the fear rising, almost but not quite, overcoming her. Bile rose in her throat, threatening to break free, her legs ceased to listen to her commands, the blood roared in her ears!

The doors opened. This is it, she thought, leaving the quietness of the lift for the noise and bustle of the foyer. She glanced at the clock facing her, ticking away the seconds. Right on time!

She strode forward, pushing through the doors at the far end of the corridor.

A face, smiling greeted her. How dare she smile! Didn't she know what was going to happen? How unpleasant it was going to be?

We're ready for you now Ella.

She walked into the small, cell like room, the smell making her fear escalate even further.

There, sitting facing away from her, tapping at a computer, was her Nemesis.

Ah, Ella, there you are! Lets get this done.

Ella pulled the device from her pocket.

“Ah, brought your music, I see”, said the dentist. “What are you going to listen to today?”

“Some classical would be relaxing”, said Ella, her hands trembling as she chose the album.

Finally, she had plucked up the courage, at last, she was here. She didn't know what was worse. The fear of the dentist, or the fear of being around crowds of people!

No longer would that wisdom tooth taunt her, giving her pain – within a short time, it would be fixed!

She settled into the chair, making herself as comfortable as possible in the circumstances, put her ear-buds in and waited!

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Life is fragile

Yesterday, I received the sad news that one of my friends had died suddenly.

For him and his family, it was just a normal day. He went into work as usual – and died of a massive heart attack.

It made me realize just how fragile life is. How we don't know which day will be our last.

We don't know what the future holds, how long we will be on this Earth. Hopefully it will be for many years to come, but it may also be only seconds, minutes or days.

We rush through our busy lives, concentrating on deadlines, making money, where we have to be next, rarely thinking about the important people and things in our lives.

We may never have that chance to say sorry, or to say I love you.

We may never see another sunrise.

We may never laugh or cry again.

This may all sound very bleak and dark, but it is not meant to be.

It is about seeing what is important right now, who is important right now.

Don't forget to say I love you, don't forget to kiss, don't forget to cuddle, don't forget to enjoy.

Remember what is important – remember to live!

Friday, 1 February 2019

I need some more milk!

I need some more milk!
I'll nip up the shop,
To buy a few pints,
It's only a short hop.

I go to the door,
Put on my shoes,
But oh, what's that out there?
That's some bad news.

Snow! Lots of snow,
Piled up high,
I'm stuck, I shout,
Looking up at the sky.

I can't open the door!
It's up to my knees!
It's cold and its dark!
Go away please.

I have a shovel!
That will get me out.
But wait, it's in the shed.
Can't reach it, I pout.

I've got some milk,
But it's made out of rice.
I'll try it in tea,
No, it's not very nice!

Looks like I'm stuck,
Can't get to the shop,
But at least its warm,
Under a blanket, I hop.

I spend the day,
Watching telly and stuff,
Tidying the house,
Till I'm quite out of puff!

I've plenty of food,
So its really not bad,
But I can't feed the birdies,
They'll be feeling quite sad.

It's now time for bed,
I hope and I pray,
That the weather gets better,
And the snow goes away!

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

I've reached the menopause!

I've reached the menopause!
I'm sorry, its true!
But life goes on,
I shouldn't be blue.

Parts of me are dry,
Both outside and in!
Moisture is needed.
I say with chagrin.

My boobs! They've gone south,
No longer so pert,
I'm down in the mouth!
They're tucked into my skirt!

My hairs falling out,
And getting quite grey,
I think its distinguished,
In a most special way.

Oh the hot flushes,
By day and by night!
I throw off the covers,
Give hubby a fright!

Now my middle,
That's something new!
It's now rather round,
Oh horror, it grew!

So many things,
Are changing these days,
My youth is receding,
In so many ways!

But am I disheartened?
No, not at all,
I'm embracing my age,
I'm having a ball!

I no longer put up,
With that 'lady time'
I do what I like,
I run, jump and climb!

Life's feeling good,
I'm happy and well,
Retirement's coming,
And that will be swell.

So my dear readers,
If you're 'At that time'
Don't feel alone,
Enjoy reading this rhyme.

Monday, 10 September 2018

The calling

I sat on the soft, golden sand, resting my back against the swaying palm tree. The sun was so hot today and the dappled shade of the tree gave welcome relief.

The soft, warm breeze ruffled my hair, bringing with it a warm, fragrant smell from the nearby spice market.

I smiled, as I watched a group of small children, wearing brightly coloured clothes, playing a game with small stones on the dusty earth a little way away. Their happy, bubbling laughter carried clearly to me. Innocents without a care in the world.

The sea, of the deepest azure I had ever seen, twinkled in the sun. The water looked so cool and inviting.

I kicked off my shoes, carrying them in my hand and ran towards it.

I sat on a small pier, swinging my feet over the edge to be caressed by the velvety smooth, cool water.

I watched small boats playing on the water, scudding along in the tranquil bay, as the wind breathed its warmth into their red sails.

I felt totally immersed in the scene, smelling, feeling, seeing everything in the minutest of detail.

From a great distance I heard a shrill and discordant sound. It pulled at me, reminding me of things elsewhere.

Perhaps if I ignored it, peace would resume, I could relax once more.

The sound got louder, louder, nearer and nearer until I could no longer ignore it!

It jerked me back to reality! I put the book down upon the sofa, feeling angry about the disturbance.

I picked up the phone, longing to return to my book and my imagination once more.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The smart meter

We got a smart meter,
A few weeks ago,
Would it save money?
Slow the cash flow?

It sits on the side,
Blinking a light!
Green is for miserly,
Red's a cash fright!

So how much does it cost,
To run a nice shower?
Oh no, the light's red,
That means lots of power!

The microwave, how's that?
It can't quite decide!
Its flashing a nice amber.
A little power applied.

So, which is cheaper,
Shower or bath?
I tried and I saw,
A nice soak then, I laugh!

Will it save cash?
Well, after a week,
We stopped watching its lights.
Except the odd peek.

But one thing is good,
When bill time comes near,
An estimated reading,
We will no longer fear.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Taking it up

Recently, I treated myself to a new dress. I hurried home and tried it on. I loved it, but it was just a few inches too long. So out came the needle and thread and I hemmed it up.

My daughter and I got chatting whilst I was sewing. She goes to a repair cafe, where people swap expertise to mend things, rather than throwing them away.

She commented that one day, somebody had come in because a button had come off of their shirt and they didn't know how to stitch it back on.

It got me to thinking about just how few people now can do these simple things that were once thought of as easy, everyday tasks.

Maybe parents seldom teach their children these simple skills anymore – sewing, mending, darning, fixing things around the house.

It is so easy nowadays just to pop to the shops, buy new and discard the old.

But should we let these skills die? I don't think that we should. Not only does it save us money, but it helps our planet, as we are re-using resources rather than simply throwing things away.

If your child loses a button, or breaks a toy, show them how to mend it, pass on your knowledge, so that they, in turn, can pass their skills on to their own children.