Wednesday, 20 June 2018

I love to comp on Twitter

I love to comp on Twitter,
I do it every day!
I have lots of lovely followers,
Who also love to play.

But oh, one thing annoys me!
It's constant day and night.
Retweeting my entry,
Instead of doing it right!

To enter comps correctly,
Its the original tweet you need,
Please take the time,
To go to the promoters feed!

You see, if you retweet mine,
Your entry might not win,
The promoter may not see it,
And that would be a sin!

Some comps only allow one entry,
To try to win the stash,
But copy mine,
And my entry will be trash!

Cos then I'll have two entries,
I'll never win the prize!
Please don't do it.
Is this word unto the wise!

So please, lovely followers,
Take a second more time,
Enter that comp properly,
Then I wouldn't need to rhyme.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

A Mum thing

I moved out of my parents' home over 35 years ago and my brothers had moved out several years before that.

As a child, I had my own bedroom, and even had a plaque on the door proclaiming that it was my room. My brothers shared another.

Even to this day, my parents still call the room my bedroom. If asked where something is, My Mum will say 'Its in the boys room' or 'Its in Seren's room.'

The plaque still hangs there to this day, proudly in place.

My daughter moved out over a year ago. And I've found myself doing exactly the same.

There's still a plaque on the door with her name on, it is still referred to as her room, even though she now owns a house of her own.

It isn't the spare room, or the back bedroom – it is still HER room.

It must be a way in which Mums cope with things when their precious babies fly the nest, a way of keeping them close to them in some way.

Maybe if it is still called their room, then in some way they have not really gone. Sentimental things, us Mums, aren't we.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Dog sitting

Our friends have a dog.
She's quiet as a mouse,
They've gone on a holiday,
So she's come to our house.

With her bed and her food,
Some toys and a treat,
Having her visit,
Just cannot be beat.

The neighbour has a cat,
It doesn't like hounds!
Over the fence,
To its garden, it bounds.

She goes on long walks,
Stops often to sniff.
Reading the messages,
Catching a whiff.

She loves everyone,
Gives them a smile,
Has a good sniff,
Then walks on in a while.

She loves other dogs,
Jumps, bows and plays,
Tongue hanging out,
She's enjoying her days.

After her walk,
She needs a long sleep,
Snoring and wuffing,
As she dreams about sheep!

But all too soon,
Her family come back,
And off she will go,
Her things we will pack.

We love our doggy visits,
Its never a chore,
I wonder if her owners,
Would like to holiday more!

Monday, 2 April 2018

The wedding dress is chosen!

The wedding dress is chosen,
Its finally done.
Hunting around,
Has been so much fun.

The menu is sorted,
It sounds oh so nice,
Something for everyone,
Even sweet sugar mice!

Suits will be tried,
To find the best style,
So the very smart men,
Will make everyone smile.

Dresses for bridesmaids,
Will be chosen soon too,
There's so much choice,
What style, what hue?

The cake has been ordered,
It will be oh so yummy,
A slice after dinner,
Will fill up the tummy.

The flowers will be pretty,
Springs blooms, you see,
Tulips and daffodils,
Maybe a corsage for me.

There's music, a disco,
So we can all dance,
Flashing coloured lights,
As around we all prance.

What fun will be had,
On that very special day,
For very good weather,
Naturally, we'll pray.

And after that day,
My daughter will be a Mrs
With a handsome young husband,
To shower with kisses.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Wedding dress shopping!

As I've told before,
My daughter's getting wed!
So many dresses to choose from!
My daughter has said.

Will it be white,
Or a nice warm cream,
Full or fitted?
It must be her dream!

She tries on the first,
And pulls a strange face!
Well that style, we know,
Has fallen from grace.

Lots more follow,
To find the right fit,
Dress after dress,
We'll be here a bit!

She tries one that's gorgeous,
I gasp with delight,
But she doesn't like it,
Thinks its a sight!

Two hours pass,
We've narrowed it down,
One pretty dress – but,
I'm not sure, said with a frown!

She's tried all the dresses,
And still isn't sure,
So off we both go,
Out of the door!

Never mind say I,
There's more shops to try,
Plenty of time,
Is my happy reply.

Because for my darling daughter,
For perfection we'll fight.
So bring on more dresses,
Til we find one that's right!

Friday, 9 February 2018


I love to comp,
As many of you know.
Web and Facebook,
I go with the flow.

But a while ago,
I found something new,
Twitaculous it's called,
Does the name give a clue?

Hundreds of prizes,
Are listed each day,
Over on Twitter,
I join, have a play.

I paid for a month,
To see how I do!
After a week, I won.
Out of the blue!

I enter each day,
Slowly I play,
Or you'll end up in jail,
Twitter does say!

I tweet and I follow,
Like and reply,
I'm having such fun,
My fingers do fly!

Another batch done,
Time for a brew
But in a few hours time,
I'll be back, do a few!

So thanks Twitaculous,
For being such fun,
I hope you like this verse,
My job here is done!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I went to the Doc,
Just the other day,
Cos, I was feeling ill,
In many a way!

Aching and tired,
Tingly and numb,
Dragging around,
Feeling quite glum!

Ah, I need some blood,
To do a quick test,
Then go home and wait,
While we do the rest.

A few days did pass,
Oh dear, what is wrong,
Please hurry up,
What's taking so long!

At last, a call,
To tell me my ills,
We can fix this,
With a course of some pills.

Its quite simple you know,
You're lacking in D,
That vitamin from sunshine,
Is too low in me!

I pick up my pills,
Some yellow, some green!
Just one a day,
I take one, quite keen.

It's a long old job,
Three months on the dose,
But it will all be worth it,
When it comes to the close.

I'm already feeling better,
After a couple of days,
Finish em up,
And my spirits will raise.

The moral is learned,
To keep up my D,
A short time outside,
When the sun I do see.

Maybe a few pills as well,
And I'll be right as rain,
Happy and smiling,
As health I regain.