Thursday, 19 March 2020

Food hoarders – shame on you!

You know who you are,
You empty the shelves,
Only caring about yourself
How do you feel?
Are you happy?

How do you feel when you see a Mother comforting her crying baby?
Because there's no formula on the shelf to feed it,
There's no nappies to change it.
But you have more than you need.
Shame on you!

How about that man?
The one on Chemo,
He's been told to stay at home.
But he can't book an online shop!
Because you have booked them all.
Shame on you!

That lady there?
She has a lung condition,
She shouldn't be out either,
But she needs milk and bread.
But there is none,
Because you have taken it all.
Shame on you!

You have even been seen taking food out of the food bank.
Food for the starving, those who have no money.
They won't eat today,
But you have enough for months.
Shame on you!

That young man there.
He has Crohn's disease.
He needs some toilet paper,
For his frequent bowel movements,
But he can't get it,
Because you have stockpiled it.
Shame on you.

See that young girl?
She has diabetes.
She needs some sweets to treat her sugar when it goes too low.
But there is none,
You have piles of them.
Shame on you.

That boy, the one that you think is being naughty?
He is autistic.
He will only eat a certain shape of pasta.
But he can't get it, so he won't eat.
But you have lots that you don't need.
Shame on you!

That young couple?
They have both lost their jobs due to this virus.
They can't afford to hoard.
They can barely afford the basics,
But they can't get them,
Because you bought them all.
Shame on you!

The list of people that are suffering because of you goes on and on.
Are you ill, do you need these things?
Will most of your hoard get thrown away months later because it has spoilt?
How do you feel?
Is your conscience pricking?

The answer is probably no,
Because you have no conscience.
You are selfish,
Thinking only of yourself,
Not of others that are less fortunate.