Tuesday, 12 May 2020

I need food!

I need food!
My cupboards are bare,
But I can't go to the shops,
Its just isn't fair.

The Government say I'm vulnerable,
I've got to stay in!
I can't leave the house.
Even to empty the bin!

They contacted the shops,
Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda,
For a delivery slot,
When I need rice and pasta.

The shops sent an email,
Giving a priority slot.
But I've just had a look,
And there isn't a lot!

There's one on Saturday,
At eleven at night!
No, I'll be in bed,
That just isn't right.

I close down my 'puter,
Leave it a while,
I'll have a look later,
This is becoming a trial!

Oh, look there's a slot,
For tomorrow, it seems,
I smile and I click,
As food fills my dreams!

No longer available?
No, that can't be right!
Where did it go,
I cry with such fright!

It shouldn't be hard,
To order online,
Before this darn virus,
I did it just fine!

I stop and I think.
What more can I do?
I sit and I sigh,
I'm feeling so blue!

An hour has passed,
I'll try one more time,
Eureka, there's one!
It's gonna be mine.

I click and I hope,
Oh yes it is booked!
If it hadn't have been,
I couldn't have cooked!

With pleasure I click,
On this and then that,
Oh my, be careful,
Or I'll end up quite fat!

Now I'm relaxed,
I know we won't starve,
Come lunch time on Sunday,
There'll be a chicken to carve.

I'm happy you see,
Don't feel so bleak.
Until, that is,
I try shopping next week!