Monday, 5 September 2016

It's nearly Christmas!

It's nearly Christmas!
What's that? You cry.
It's only September,
There's so much to buy!

I thought the same,
Til the surveys came in,
Christmas plans?
I was right in a spin!

It's too early, I shout,
The weather's still hot.
What will you buy?
What have you got?

Will you eat turkey,
At home or away,
I'd rather go out,
In the sunshine to play!

I rather like Christmas,
But not for a time!
Let's first enjoy Summer,
Then towards Winter we'll climb.

I'm closing your survey,
With a press of the X,
I'm not going to answer,
I'll put down my specs!

So dear Mr survey,
Please have a care,
Ask about beaches,
Warm balmy air.

And when Winter is here,
You can ask me once more,
I will fill and complete,
Give you answers galore.