Sunday, 20 July 2014

Down to the sea

In Victorian times, the ladies they walked
Through tunnels to the beach,
They giggled and talked.

Down to the sea,
For bathing and fun,
And, perhaps, a glimpse of the sun.

Off came their gowns,
Free, and quite bare!
Luckily, no men,
Upon them could stare!

Upon a large rock,
A lookout did stare
Ensuring no eyes,
Could see skin so fair.

After fun and a bathe,
With modesty saved,
Dressed in their gowns,
They depart for the towns.

Many years later,
The pools are still there,
But no longer,
Do ladies bathe bare.

The families play,
Have fun every day.
But echoes of the past,
In this place will last.