Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Halloween Horror

Jo stepped out of the car, pulling his coat tightly around him, his breath forming clouds of steam in the cold October air.

He smiled to himself. Yes, his plan had gone just like clockwork. This time last year, he had received a call to say that his lifelong, and very rich, friend had disappeared.

He had comforted the family, told them not to worry about the flat – he would deal with things. He'd put the furniture into storage, to keep it safe.

Of course they didn't know about the £100,000 that was hidden in the flat. Andy never did trust banks!

The family had offered to rent him the flat, on the understanding that if his friend returned, he would give it back.

But now, well, it was pretty obvious that he wasn't coming back – he couldn't come back, or could he!

Jo had always had to scrimp and save for everything, nothing ever seemed to go his way, but for Andy, everything was easy. Jobs fell at his feet, as did beautiful women. He led a charmed life.

That night, a year ago, they had argued, Jo had pushed him in a fit of rage, he had fallen, hit his head. It was an accident!

But Jo knew that with his shady past, the police would not see it that way.

He searched the internet – how to dispose of a body!

He needed a large container of some sort – that metal oil drum would do!

He roughly shoved Andy in, poured on the chemicals and sealed the lid!

Hidden amongst the other stored items, it would never be noticed.

Jo entered the building and made his way to the storage unit. He looked around, making sure that he was alone, and unsealed the lid of the drum.

He lifted it slowly, and peered in. There inside was the skeleton of Andy! Clean and white.

'Happy Halloween Mate, he sneered'

He carefully removed the remains from their shrine, dried them and bundled them up in a blanket.

Nobody would ever guess the truth about the realistic looking Halloween decoration in his flat tomorrow night.