Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Superpoints review

Superpoints is a site where you can earn points and exchange them for many different prizes and vouchers. It is a members only community, so the only way to join is to either be referred by another user or to apply to be sponsored by an existing member.

There are many different ways of earning superpoints, including filling surveys, viewing videos and taking part in the many offers available. There is also the superlucky button, which gives you the chance to win free points every day. The amount of spins that you have depends on what level of membership that you have.

Higher membership levels become available as you gain XP. This is gained every time that you interact with the site.

You can also pay to upgrade to a Platininum membership, which gives some advantages, including being automatically allocated sponsors, which gives you an instant 500 points for each. It also gives 200 daily spins of the superlucky button and means that your account will not be closed if you are inactive for 30 days.

Platinum membership currently costs $14.95 per year.

When your sponsors or referrals earn Superpoints, so do you, so it really is worth growing your network.

I've have been a member here for a year now, and have upgraded to Platinum membership. I now have 52 people in my network, who have all earned me points.

I've cashed out several times over the year and have recouped the cost of upgrading and have made a profit on top.

Overall, Superpoints isn't a huge earner, but each day brings an increase in points towards the next reward.

So if you fancy earning and having fun, join up for free. What have you got to lose.