Friday, 8 September 2017

My Daughter's getting married!

The time it has flown
She has grown up so fast,
Has her own house,
A man that will last!

He popped the question,
And she said YES!
That means a wedding,
Lots of planning I guess.

Where for the ceremony,
How many guests?
There are lots to invite,
My daughter suggests.

What about the dress,
Short, to the floor?
White maybe cream,
One she'll adore.

What about bridesmaids,
One two or three?
Family and friends,
A pleasure to see.

Then there's the food!
Types to please all.
Veggie and meat eaters,
They'll all have a ball.

What about the evening?
The music and dance?
Thinking of it all,
I'm in quite a trance.

But one thing is sure,
The day will be great,
Enjoyed by everyone,
I can't wait for the date.

I'll put on my hat,
Help out the bride,
Have a great day,
And smile with pride.