Saturday, 27 May 2017

It's too hot!

My last little poem,
About feeling so cold,
T'was a while ago,
It's getting quite old!

So now, I'm too hot!
The sun is now here.
I'd like to go out,
It's too warm though, I fear.

My head it is scorching,
Cos I've got blond hair.
I'm sweating and baking,
It's really not fair!

I cannot be pleased,
I'm British you see,
It's too hot or too cold,
Never just right for me!

Too wet or too dry
Too light or too dark!
Summer's light is too early,
I'm up with the lark!

In winter I'm tired,
Because sunlight is gone!
This chopping and changing,
Is really a con.

So I'll sit here and sweat,
Wanting coolness for me,
Then I'll moan it's too cold,
And make some hot tea!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Where is my blanket?

Where is my blanket,
I feel oh so cold.
Right to my bones,
Is it cos I am old?

It's the middle of May!
It should be sunny and bright,
Nice and warm,
Breezy and light.

It's raining hard,
The sky is so grey!
I want blue skies.
Please go away.

The heating is off,
Because Winter has gone.
But I'm so very tempted,
To switch it back on!

In just a few weeks,
Summer will be here,
But this awful weather,
Won't get better, I fear.

I'd go for a walk,
But don't want to get wet!
Those comfy old shoes,
They'll leak, I will bet!

So I'll sit on the sofa,
Cuppa held tight,
And pray for good weather,
With all of my might!