Monday, 3 April 2017

Snatch that parcel!

There's a new game,
That I've been playing of late,
You can win lots of stuff,
I think it is great!

It's like pass the parcel,
That as a child I played.
Is it still fun?
Did my love of it fade?

Well this game is different,
You can win some cool stuff,
From flights, food and cash,
And if that isn't enough..........

You can be quite mean,
And snatch from a mate,
Maybe open their parcel,
And find something great!

Or if you are kind,
You can pick up from the map,
Sat on your sofa,
With your phone on your lap!

Or you can go for a walk,
And pick up that way,
Enjoying the sun,
Watching trees as they sway.

Sometimes I feel mean,
When I grab a mate's stash,
But they might block the attack,
Stop me increasing my cache.

When a parcel is picked up,
There's six hours to kill,
Till it's locked down,
A prize in, I will!

It's a fun little game,
Played naughty or nice,
But snatch from some players,
And you could pay the price!

Cos they'll nick back their stash,
In the blink of an eye,
And I'll have no more parcels,
Maybe I'll cry?

No, when you are sleeping,
All tucked up in bed,
I'll steal them all back!
Is that something you'll dread?

If you would like to join in,
And play this good game,
It's in the app store,
With prizes to claim.

If you do want to play,
Please input my code,
It's EEG8FD,
That is the end of my ode.