Saturday, 23 August 2014

Come back Summer!

Just a few weeks ago,
The weather was hot!
Time has gone by,
Now it's decidedly not!

It's August still,
But the jumpers are on.
The temperature's falling,
With no prior warning!

The skies are now grey,
The heat has all faded,
I feel a bit cheated,
Definitely jaded.

The summer was short,
No word of a lie!
I'm really not ready,
To wave it goodbye!

So come on old Blighty,
Without further ado,
Give us all back our summer,
Hear us shout, good, yahoo!.

The time will soon come,
for heating and sweater,
But give us more time,
The longer, the better!

Monday, 4 August 2014


The day has come!
It's time to get fit.
I struggle to the shed,
And pull out my kit!

My bike's covered in rust!
It's getting quite old.
But, I look at my middle!
My intention won't fold!

Out comes the oil,
For chain and for cog.
Spray, twist and wipe.
Maybe I'll just go for a jog!

But now, job done,
Down the alley I ride!
This is rather good fun!
I wobble and swerve.

The wind in my hair,
I head out with joy,
To burn off some calories,
That is my ploy!

My legs they are flying,
And no, I'm not lying.
But tomorrow I dread
That they'll both feel like lead!

I wobble and ride,
My balance improves.
Down roads and path,
On my steed I do glide.

I walk the last hill,
I'm quite out of puff.
Catching my breath,
I've had almost enough.

Free wheeling quite fast,
I arrive back at home,
Oh at last!
I ache to the bone.

Feeling quite smug.
I put up my feet,
And munch a cream cake.
My post-biking treat!