Tuesday, 28 June 2016

No regrets

I have two gorgeous daughters,
Both need a lot of care!
I do it all quite gladly,
I feel it's only fair.

There's physio and injections,
They're needed every day,
To keep them fit and healthy,
So they can run around and play.

Some days are spent at hospital,
Some days are spent at home,
But I still love my babies,
Wherever we do roam.

Well, they are not quite babies,
In fact they are all grown,
But they still need their Mummy,
So it's hard to be alone.

Some days I feel so tired,
I need a little rest,
It's right that I should take some,
So I will be at my best.

But no matter what needs doing,
However hard it does get,
I love my darling daughters,
And have not one regret.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Get it done!

When you have a job that has to be done by a certain deadline, what do you do?

Do you get on with it straight away, giving yourself plenty of time to finish, or do you leave it to the last minute and then rush and fret?

It is always better to get started on something as soon as possible in order to do it to the best of your ability, to take your time.

That way you have the time to research, learn and finish in good time without becoming anxious and rushed.

By starting as soon as possible, it also gives you better control of your time, as there will not be that all encompassing rush in the final hours.

Once you have finished your job, then your time will become yours once more, free to be filled with what you desire.

By having this freedom, you are more likely to stay calm, collected and productive.

What are you waiting for? Get up and get going. Get it done!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Be your own advisor

If you were on the outside looking in, what advice would you give yourself?

Giving somebody else advice is easy, because it isn't us that has to follow it through, but advising ourselves is harder, because we don't always want to follow our own advice.

Being our own advisor starts with knowing who we really are, our strengths and weaknesses. Our hopes and fears.

Although we may have many problems in our lives, our lives are not the sum of those problems.

We all have within us the ability to see clearly what we should do to solve these problems.

But first we must listen and be honest with what we need to do.

It is easy to advise ourselves, to take the easy way, but that is not always the best way to solve things.

We should rise above the temptation of the easy route and advise ourselves in a clear and objective way.

By doing this we are much more likely to overcome and learn from our problems.

Be strong, be clear, be your own advisor and thrive.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Where have they gone?

I went for a walk,
Out and about,
Usually I see lots of people,
But today I saw nought!

Not even a dog walker,
Having a wander,
Walking across hills,
Over there, yonder!

Where did they go,
Holidays in the sun?
Laying on beaches,
Having some fun?

Maybe at a BBQ,
Chatting with a mate,
Laughing and joking,
From morning til late.

But no, there's no smoke,
No BBQ smell!
It cannot be that,
Maybe all is not well.

Maybe they've all been transported,
To a far away land,
And it's just me that's left!
That wouldn't be grand.

I open the windows,
To get through some air,
Was that a shout?
Is there a human out there?

Ah now it is clear,
They are not out to roam,
Because they're all watching football,
Comfy at home!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Inside and out

How we feel about yourselves on the inside has a great deal to do with they way that we deal with things going on around us.

When all is well on the outside and our lives are going well, we will naturally feel better on the inside.

But we should not forget that we have the power to change how we feel on the inside to a great degree.

By feeling good about ourselves and having confidence in our abilities, we can greatly influence how the world around us appears.

By staying positive and happy, things will seem nicer on the outside, which will make the inside feel better too.

It is a never ending cycle, the happier we are on the inside, the happier we will be on the outside, even when life does throw us lemons.

A positive outlook really does help when things are not going so well.

It makes it easier to cope, easier to shrug off things that would otherwise upset us.

Being happy inside is a powerful thing. It makes us see the best of things, helps us to get on with life, rather than let it defeat us.

Be the best that you can on the inside, and the world around you will seem much more fulfilling place.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Admit your mistakes

We all make mistakes. Sometimes small, inconsequential  ones, sometimes monumental ones!

But it is how we react to these mistakes that matters.

Mistakes are a gateway to learning. Without them we would never learn and grow.

Some people will blame their mistakes on others and run away from them. But this can hurt those around you, causing them to turn away or resent you.

Blaming others may seem to be an easy way out, but it accomplishes nothing, as we cannot learn if we do not accept our mistakes.

Mistakes will always have consequences and dealing with these will be a source of learning, of bettering ourselves.

Dealing with and admitting our mistakes will not only makes us stronger, but can also gain the respect of those around us.

By admitting to our mistakes and taking responsibility for them, we are allowing ourselves to improve, to find better ways of doing things.

Admit to your mistakes, take responsibility, grow, learn and become stronger.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sweet dreams

Alison rolled over and brought her hand down with a whack to silence the shrieking alarm clock. She laid, looking at the ceiling, gathering her thoughts for the day ahead.

It wasn't going to be easy. It was this day a year ago that her Mother had passed away. Thoughts flitted through her head. She smiled, thinking of her childhood, of how Mum was always there with a smile and a hug.

The days were filled with chatter and laughter, right up until bedtime, when Mum would tuck her in, kiss her on the forehead and say 'sweet dreams'.

Alison threw back the duvet and slowly headed downstairs. Luckily it was going to be manic at work, so she wouldn't have too much time to dwell.

She busied herself in the kitchen, brewing coffee and making toast, running through her plans for the day before dressing and heading out.

The traffic was heavy and by the time that she had reached work, her head was already pounding – great, it had to be today of all days!

She reached her desk and began to tackle the pile of work on her desk.

The day passed in a whirlwind. That was the good thing about busy days like this, at least the time went quickly and before she knew it, home time had arrived.

The traffic was quieter now. She drove home, her mind once again thinking about Mum. She was so young! It just wasn't fair. She should still be here, asking her how her day had gone, enjoying a chat.

Alison opened the door, flung her bag onto the sofa and went into the kitchen to pour herself a large glass of wine. Boy, she really needed a drink.

She checked her phone for messages.............nothing. She put her phone onto the table and sank, exhausted onto the sofa.

She sipped her wine, feeling it warming and relaxing her. She began to feel sleepy, her eyelids became heavy, she dozed off into a light sleep.

A sound filtered into her mind, a tapping sound. She woke with a start, looking around the room, trying to place the sound.

She looked at her phone, still sat on the table! Yes, that's where it's coming from. She snatched up the phone and swiped the screen.

Her eyes opened wide as she read the words that had appeared! 'Sweet dreams'

She stared at the screen, at those two magical words and a smile formed on her lips.

Thanks Mum, she murmured. I think I just might have sweet dreams tonight for the first time in a year.


There are times when our lives become overwhelming.

There just seems to be so much to do that we don't know where start.

We feel stressed and anxious and feel that we will never come out of the other side of this confusing, overwhelming place that we have found ourselves in.

At times like these we should take a step back, take a deep breath and allow ourselves to calm down, because whilst we are feeling overwhelmed, it is almost impossible to think clearly and objectively.

Once we feel calmer, we should look at what we have to do. Do we have to do it all?

The answer is usually no. Over time, our lives become cluttered by habits and actions that we have accumulated over the years.

Often they are of little or no use to us at the present time, but we just go on doing them, because we always have.

Now, when we are so overwhelmed is a good time to let go of these habits, to clear the way forward for what is important right now.

Once we have de-cluttered and feel clearer, we can see what is important, what really needs to be done.

We can prioritise clearly without all of the clutter getting in our way.

And now, with a clearer mind and life, we will feel lighter, more in control, ready to take on the world once more.

So what are you waiting for? Prioritise, de-clutter and take back control.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

It's impossible!

It's impossible!

How many times have we said this when things get tough?

But the truth is, things are only impossible when we stop trying.

No matter how difficult something appears to be, if we are determined enough, we will often find a way to succeed.

Sometimes we will walk away, to think, to clear our minds, to research a different way to proceed, but if we really want something, then we should return to the task.

It will be hard, there will be trials and tribulations along the way, but we should just keep going, one step at a time, towards our goal.

Before we know where we are, the impossible has become the possible. The goal has become closer.

So instead of saying that something is impossible, tell yourself that it is possible, you just have to find a way to make it so.

Keep strong, keep trying, make the impossible possible.

What are you going to do today?

What do you going to do today?

Do you intend to tick something off of your to do list, or is it your intent to spend the day doing as little as possible?

Do you intend to play, or to work, or maybe a mix of the two.

Whatever you intend to do today, make it count.

If you do nothing, then you will achieve nothing, learn nothing, will not grow.

But if you fill your day with wonder, learning and enjoyment it will be a positive day that you can look back on with satisfaction.

So commit to doing something special today.

It may be something small, or it could be a life changing decision.

Once this day is done, it is gone forever and cannot be changed, so make it the best that you can.

Whatever you choose, make it count, make today count.

Friday, 3 June 2016

It's great to be so curvy!

It's great to be so curvy,
Having ample boobs up top!
When walking down the street,
It makes the guys all stop!

It is so very funny,
When they walk into a post,
It makes me smile and giggle,
It's the thing I like the most!

I love my pair of girlies,
To them I am attached,
Their ample size and shape,
Are rarely nearby matched.

And then there is the cleavage,
It has a lot of front!
It fills the dresses nicely,
If I may be rather blunt!

There's lots of pretty undies,
Of many patterns and hues,
I like to take my time,
When some new ones I can choose.

But I don't feel quite so brave,
When swimwear time comes nigh,
Cos, my belly's a bit wobbly,
Not a bikini, I often sigh!

The one downside of boobs,
Is when running for the bus!
A good supporting sports bra,
At these times is a plus.

I thank my stars I have them,
Without them I'd be flat,
Nothing to fill out my clothes,
I wouldn't much like that!

But there's one thing I miss,
Oh it would be such a treat,
Because since I was twelve,
I haven't seen my feet!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The dawn

The day awakes. The misty light of dawn reaching it's warm tendrils into the still morning air.

The water shines, motionless. Not the slightest ripple breaks its glassy surface, reflecting the trees which reach down to meet it.

I walk in the growing light, the world slowly yawning and stretching around me.

A heron stands, like a grey, feathered statue beside the water. It watches intently for movement, for fins to break the surface.

It darts forward, spear like beak lancing the water. The fish, small and silvery wriggles and gleams.

One swallow and it is gone. Did it know that this was it's last day of life? The heron resumes it's vigil.

A bark! I look across the water and my eyes meet with the cool gaze of a magnificent fox. Her coat glows like fire in the early morning sunshine.

She sits and watches proudly as her four cubs gambol and roll on the grass. Barks and squeals break the silence.

I stand and watch, entranced by their antics as the mother watches me regally.

I walk on, the sound of birds begins to fill the air. They call and swoop, taunting each other in a tumult of sound.

A movement! I look. A roe deer and her baby are grazing. They look up, nervous as I stop.

They feed for a few moments longer, and with a backwards glance at me disappear into the trees like ghosts.

I turn towards home. I can hear traffic now. The morning rush hour is starting. The metal beasts roar as they take their inhabitants about their daily activities.

Early morning joggers, earphones in place, run past me shattering my solitude.

I walk on, almost home now and hear a patter of paws. A small brown bundle of fur launches itself at me.

I laugh and greet my friend. A pat and stroke, a conversation with his master.

Home now. I kick off my shoes and make a warming cup of tea.

I sit, cradling my cup. Yes, I enjoy my morning walks, greeting the new day and seeing the wonder of nature.