Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

Tonight is the night,
It's Halloween!
Expect lots of callers,
From tot up to teen.

What will they wear,
Vampire, ghost or ghoul?
Some of their costumes,
Are really quite cool!

They run door to door,
Lots of small feet,
Hoping for sweets,
And nice things to eat.

Trick or Treat,
Is the opening cry,
Then into the dish,
For treats they do vie.

The night wears on,
And the callers tail off.
There's a few sweets left,
That I think I will scoff!

Time to settle down,
A film, scary I'm sure,
Turn off the lights,
Lock up the door.

So to all of you friends,
Now I have set the scene,
Have a very happy,

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Doctor Google!

I'm feeling kind of dizzy,
Maybe it's the flu!
Let's ask Google.
It'll know what to do.

Oh dear, the results are in,
The diagnosis is clear,
Google says cancer,
For my life I do fear!

I feel very scared,
Let's Google once more.
Eeek, scare stories!
My jaw hits the floor.

It might be quite simple,
Do not fret,
But Google,
Hasn't finished quite yet!

It could be a tumour,
Or some other rare thing
Maybe I should,
Give my doctor a ring!

Don't be so worried,
My family says
It's nothing so bad,
You'll be better in days.

If you're feeling a bit ill,
The moral is clear,
Don't google your symptoms,
Or death you will fear!

Yet more pills!

I'm getting quite old,
But feeling quite fit,
I'm going to the Doc,
In just a little bit.

You haven't been here,
For year upon year,
You need a check up,
These are the words that I fear!

Your fat's a bit high,
Just take this pill!
It'll protect your heart,
You won't get so ill!

I take my daily pill,
But oh, I feel sick!
Back to the Doctor,
I rush very quick!

Here, try this new drug,
As well as the first,
It'll counteract the effects,
He cajoled and coerced!

I took the new pill,
But soon I did find,
My head felt so dizzy,
Thought I was losing my mind!

Back I did go,
More pills, five, six and seven!
I feel so ill,
Think I might go to heaven!

I go back again,
Is there another way,
So I can feel fit,
Run jump and play?

Well you could stop the pill,
Eat healthily, go to the gym,
Your fat will go down,
If you eat veg and slim!

What about the rest?
Can I stop them all too?
Yes, said the Doc,
It'll be better for you.

So I stopped all the pills,
Got healthy and fit,
And now I don't feel ill,
No, not one little bit!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A letter to my unborn son

The day that I found out that I was carrying you inside me was one of the happiest days of my life.

Weeks passed and something didn't feel quite right, but I hoped that you were well, growing stronger within me every day.

But then one day, there was so much blood! A trip to the hospital. A scan. No heartbeat. Drugs, pain and tears, and then you were gone.

All that was left was emptiness.

I never got to hold you, see your face, kiss your brow.

I never got to see you walk, go to school, grow up.

You would be 23 now – a man.

I often wonder what you would have looked like. Would you have my curly hair and blue eyes?

What interests would you have had, what job would you have taken?

Would you have a wife, children of your own by now?

Only one thing is certain my son. One day we will be together again.

Until then, I will love you always.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Set a date

Often there are things that we need to do, but we never seem to get around to doing them. It becomes something that we will do some day

But the problem is that the some day never arrives, and meanwhile the task just sits there, taunting us.

Over the years, the I'll get around to it one day list grows and grows.

After a while, there are so many tasks, that we don't know where to start, so we don't.

In this situation, it is useful to list what needs to be done and to set a date to do it.

By having a date written down, we will have a positive point to work towards.

It will give us the push that we need to get us going on the task.

So instead of just looking at the room which need decorating, or the room that needs decluttering, set a date, stick to it and get the job done.

Monday, 26 October 2015

True love

It is easy to love someone or something when all is going well, but it is not so easy to love when the going gets tough.

This is when true love arrives.

It is not so easy to love that special person when they are angry or are trying your patience.

It's not so easy to love when all you want to do is sleep, but they will not let you.

But to continue to love someone at these trying times is true love.

It is the love that survives adversity, illness and arguments.

It is the love that grows and burns after the first flush is over.

There are times when true love can be hard and all you want to do is to walk away.

But true love won't let you, because it runs deep within your being.

True love makes you strong, gives you a deep sense of belonging.

Embrace true love, because it truly is a gift worth keeping.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

I love books!

I love books!
I read them all the time.
Big books, small books,
Romance, thriller, crime.

I learned to read,
When I was just four,
There wasn't a book
That I found a bore.

That smell, oh gosh,
Paper and ink,
It pulls me in,
Tickles me pink!

A good story, an escape,
Can never be beat,
Mountains to climb,
People to greet!

An adventure is had,
On sea, sky and land,
All of it held,
In the palm of a hand.

Now I am techy,
I've got a Kindle,
But my love of paper books,
It will never dwindle.

But, oh the excitement,
Of a thousand good reads
On a device so small,
Imagination it feeds

I love my new gadget,
It's full of good stuff,
But of paper backed books,
I cannot get enough.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Targeted advertising woes

Picture the scene: you've just spent hours perusing various interweb sites to find the perfect present for that someone special.

You're certain that they are going to love what you have got them. It's not something that they had asked for, but it's right up their street.

You pay and wait eagerly for the parcel to be delivered, so that you can hide it in a cunning place where they will never find it.

So, fast forward a week, and said gift is squirreled away safely and all is well........................or so it seems!

I am happily checking what my friends on Facebook are up to and I get up to  make a drink, leaving my laptop on the sofa.

I come back and the 'someone special' is sitting on the sofa with a big grin on their face, looking at my computer screen.

And there, for all to see, in the targeted ads is the present that I had bought for them - lovely! Talk about ruining the surprise.

Birthday and Christmas season will soon be upon me and once more I will be looking for that special gift.

But this year I've beaten the ads. I've found a way of turning off the targeted ads. It was very simple in the end. When I was on Facebook, I noticed a little arrow and a link to the Ad Choices site, where I could stop targeted ads from showing up.

So this year, I can shop online for my loved ones, safe in the knowledge that my laptop won't spoil the surprise - unless they work out my hiding place that is.

Friday, 23 October 2015


How often do you choose to be kind?

Being kind makes a big difference to those around you and also to your own feelings and emotions.

Many people seem to be naturally kind all of the time, but for other people, there are times when it has to be a conscious decision.

There are some situations where we can choose to be kind, or choose not to - it is up to us.

Being kind can really brighten somebody's day, restore their faith in the goodness of the human race.

Kindness comes in all shapes and forms. It can be simple, like helping somebody who is struggling with heavy bags.

Or it can be a lifelong vocation in which kindness to others is central.

Today, and everyday, we should make an effort to be kind. It will benefit both us and the life that we are being kind to.

Make the effort, be the difference.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Life and death

The one certainty in the life of everybody on this planet is that they are going to die one day.

Hopefully, that day will be at the end of a long life full of joy.

But how often do we think about death?

In our busy lives we rush here and there, filling our days with routine and work.

Our time on this Earth is finite and time that we fritter away can never be reclaimed.

If we knew that our death was imminent, would we do things differently?

The answer would, of course, be yes.

We would set our life in order, settle feuds, do the things that we had always planned to do but had never got around to.

But what if today was your last day? How would you live it? Would you waste it or would you pack it with experience.

One thing is certain - one day it will be your last day. Make every moment until then count.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Give and take

There are some people in life who only give, and others that only take.

Whilst this may suit a few people, generally it does not.

If we constantly give and never receive, we can become disillusioned with our fellow man.

And conversely it is not fair to be a taker and never give back.

If we fit strongly into either the giver or taker category, then we should strive to become more balanced.

Sometimes it is difficult to achieve, but we should still try our best to do so.

If a person always gives to us, then we should make a conscious effort to give them something in return.

Sometimes all that is needed is to say thank you, to acknowledge their efforts and to make them feel wanted.

If this does not happen, then the person can begin to feel undervalued and upset.

And if we are a person that always takes, then we should make the effort to give, to help and make somebody else feel good.

So think about give and take today. Keep the balance right, today and always.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lady of the night

Time for work! Cara grabbed her keys and got ready to leave.

She shivered and pulled her coat closer around her, closed the door of the cottage and walked out into the darkness.

This was a lovely little village in the middle of nowhere and a place that she felt safe and secure, away from the hurly burly of the nearby city.

Her neighbours were mostly elderly couples, spending their days pottering around their garden, enjoying their retirement.

It had taken them a while to get used to her, accept her as one of their own. But with her smart clothes and clipped English accent she began to make friends, enjoy a daily chat about roses and tea.

But, oh, would the residents be so friendly if they knew what she did? A smile played on her lips as she climbed into the car.

Half an hour later she arrived at her destination.

She opened the door and blaring music assailed her ears, the smell of smoke stung her eyes and nose.

She flung off her coat to reveal the sexy, scant underwear beneath, climbed onto the stage, caressed the pole and danced!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Dear reader, I am sorry

Dear reader I am sorry,
This is my plight!
I can't think what to write,
Though I try with such might.

My mind has gone blank,
And my fingers are still,
I'm trying to think,
With all of my will.

Maybe in time,
Thoughts they will glow,
Images bright,
Words surely flow!

But until that time,
I'll sit and I'll think
Then I'll write you some more,
As quick as a wink!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Puzzle magazine woes!

I love a good puzzle,
Crosswords and such,
They keep my mind nimble,
I enjoy them so much.

More than twenty years back,
A new company came,
Offering puzzle mags,
And prizes to claim.

I paid for the mags,
And had so much fun,
Writing and filling,
Dreaming of what could be won!

Over the years,
Things were just fine,
Mags were arriving,
Always on time.

Then the mags didn't come,
Quite out of the blue,
What could have happened,
Could you give us a clue?

You won't miss the mags,
The editor said,
We'll send them quite soon,
But here's something I dread.

I have a life subscription,
And once dead,  time won't come back,
Unless you revive me,
Give me mags that I lack!

As well as no mags, there's another pet peeve:
Most weeks I get a letter,
Pay for this mag,
It's new and it's better!

But why should I pay?
I just want what I'm due!
I really don't want,
Something that's new!

So the months have gone past,
Of waiting I tire,
I won't buy any more mags,
Before I expire!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Flu jab season

The weather is cooler,
It's that time of year.
It's flu jab season,
That is quite clear.

The surgery,
Festooned with banners that say,
Make an appointment,
Do it today!

So I sign up right then,
To get the job done,
I know it will hurt,
Won't be much fun.

But the flu it worse,
Two weeks feeling rough,
Instead a quick jab,
It's really not tough.

Today is the day,
I pull up my sleeve,
And quick as a flash.
It's done and I leave.

I smile and I think,
I'm safe for a year,
The flu bugs can come,
But I really won't fear.

My arm is a bit sore,
But I really don't mind,
Because catching the flu,
Can be a bit of a bind!

So have you booked yours?
If I can be so bold,
It's free, in some countries,
If you're poorly or old.

So go and get done,
As quick as a flash,
Be protected and safe,
To the clinic, go dash.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Cause and effect

Everything that we do has a cause and effect.

Our words and actions are powerful things. They have the ability to bring hope and love or to bring despair and hate.

How we react in a given situation or person can lead to a very different outcome.

We can use our words and actions to bring a positive outcome or we can use them to bring negativity.

Even if the situation that we find ourselves in is not good, we can make it easier to deal with by speaking and acting in a positive way.

So how will you use your day today? Will it be a day full of love, joy and positivity, or will it be a day of negative thoughts and actions?

The power is in your hands. Use it wisely.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Clearly define

In order to have a dream or goal to work towards, you need to define it clearly within your own mind.

If you have only a vague idea of what it is that you want to achieve, then you will find it hard to reach your destination.

If you visualise your goal in infinite detail, imagining yourself achieving it, feeling how good it is, then you are giving yourself something tangible to work towards.

It is often useful to write down your goals, break them down into small steps, each getting ever closer to the finish line.

Once you have it written down in black and white, you can start to tick off each step. This will keep you on track, keep the goal fresh and vibrant in your mind.

So clearly define those hopes, dreams and goals today.

Make them real and clear in your mind and work towards feeling the joy of success.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

I don't feel like it!

I don't feel like it! How often do we say these words?

Sometimes when an opportunity to do something arises, we just aren't in the mood to do it.

There are other times when something has been on our to do list for ages, but we never seem to be in the right mood to get it done, so it just sits there, taunting us for yet another day.

But if we always wait until we are in the right mood to do something, it may  never get done and we could also be missing out on some exciting new things that we would enjoy.

There are times when we just need to tell ourselves that no matter how we feel, we just need to get on and do it!

Not getting around to doing something eventually weighs us down and the simplest of things grows to mammoth proportions in our mind.

Once we have done the task in hand, we will feel better. We will feel lighter and happier.

So come on, get going, even if you don't feel like it. You may even find that you enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Be at peace

When the world throws a cog into your life and all around you feels chaotic and difficult, feeling calm and at peace inside can be of great help.

By being at peace and calm on the inside, things will be much easier to deal with.

Being at peace means accepting the things that are happening around you and working with them to secure the best outcome in the situation, rather than fighting against them and creating more anxiety.

By keeping this peace within you, it will be much easier to move forward in a constructive way, to find a clearer path.

Let the calmness and peace carry you, help you to achieve success no matter how hard your challenges are.

Be at peace, be calm, succeed and go forward.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Embrace change

Most of us see change as something that is scary, to be viewed with apprehension.

But it does not have to be this way.

Without change, our lives would stagnate, there would be nothing new to experience, we would become stuck in a rut.

The world around us and our relationships within it are constantly changing and evolving.

How we respond to these changes depends on whether we see these changes as a threat, a challenge or an exciting possibility to explore.

We can choose to stay still and not adapt or we can grab these changes and learn and grow from them.

Whichever we do, we can be sure that changes will happen and it is up to us to choose which path to follow.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Change for change

Spare some change please? The unkempt young man asked.

Alice looked at him as she passed. She knew most of the beggars in this town, but she hadn't seen him before.

She tossed a pound coin in the hat that he had put onto the cold ground in front of him.

It was a cold day, frosty and clear – he must be cold!

Later, she popped into town during her lunch break. The young man was still there, shivering in the cold.

She went into the coffee shop and came out with two steaming cups and two chocolate muffins.

She handed a cup of coffee and a muffin to the young man. Here you go, she said, and stood by him whilst she drank hers.

Thank you Miss, he said. Not many are so kind as you.

She smiled and sat down beside him. So what's your story, she asked. Why don't you have anywhere better to be on such a cold day.

He began to tell her about his life, how he had come from a rich family, how they disowned him when he dared to disagree with them about how the family business should be run. How they had thrown him out of the family home, left him penniless on the street.

He spoke about how thoughtless his family were about others. As long as they were alright and could afford staff and exotic holidays, then they were happy. They didn't care about suffering and poverty.

They sipped their coffee, and then he said, but since then, I've learnt so much. Being on the streets shows you both the best and the worst in people. There are some truly special people in this world – people like you!

She smiled and said that she needed to get back to work and that if he was back again tomorrow, that she would bring him another drink and continue their chat.

He was there the next day, and for every day after that.

Each day they talked about hopes, dreams, things they would love to have whilst the sipped their coffee and ate their cake.

She laughingly told him about her dream house. It would be a decent size, but not too bit – maybe around the half a million mark. But it was just that, a dream that she would never be able to afford.

Weeks passed and they met each day, sharing food and good conversation and then one day, he was gone!

She often thought about him, wondering if he was ok, wondering if he had been taken back by his family.

Years went by and his memory faded.

One morning, she arrived at work to find a letter on her desk.

She opened it absently mindedly. A sheet of paper fell out. She blinked, unbelievingly. It was a cheque! It was made out to her and the sum was half a million pounds!

She pulled out the sheet of paper within the envelope and read it:

'To my coffee and muffin angel. You were my light in the darkness all of those years ago. My parents passed away recently and I am sole beneficiary to their estate. Go and buy that house that you have always dreamed of.'

She looked out of the window and straight into his eyes. She smiled, grabbed her coat and ran into his arms.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Made by experience

Who we are is shaped by our experiences throughout our lives.

As we live through these things, our very essence is moulded by them into the person that we are today.

These experiences give us guidance, strength and knowledge.

How we use these experiences is ultimately down to us.

We can either use them as a positive force and learn from them, or we can let them wear us down, make us weaker.

It is up to us as to which path to take, for our life is a story ready to be written.

But by growing and learning, using experiences in a positive way, we will be sure that we are turning into the best person that we can be.

So be proud of the person that your experiences have made you, the unique and strong person that you have become.

You are made by experience.

Friday, 9 October 2015

My British bake off

I've been watching the telly,
Wonderful things they do make
So off to the kitchen,
I need to bake!

Now what shall I make?
I leaf through a book,
There's so many things,
And good they all look!

Maybe something simple,
For I'm not very good,
My cakes turn out flat!
Not rising as they should.

Sugar, eggs and flour,
Will go in the mix,
Whoops, there goes an egg!
I'm in such a fix.

Flour rises like fog,
In my hair, on my top.
But I'm in the zone,
I just can't stop.

The kitchen's a mess,
Chocolate and butter,
It's gonna take some cleaning,
Under my breath I do mutter!

Into the oven,
It finally goes
Leaving me time,
For cleaning up woes!

Time is up,
It's finally done,
Flat as a pancake,
But baked with such fun!

My family smile,
It really looks fine
So down we all sit,
On flat cake to dine.

But it tastes quite good,
Almost divine,
But at the end of the day,
This masterpiece is mine!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

When laziness attacks

Some days we can feel so lazy that we just don't want to do anything, we have no get up and go.

Having periods of rest is important in helping us to recover and recoup our strength, but sometimes we can get into a vicious circle of feeling tired and lazy, so we rest, but not doing anything can make us feel even more tired.

It is therefore important that even when we are feeling like this, that we make the effort to do something.

By making a start, we will find that we feel better, it will give our day focus, give us a reason to get up and keep going.

So don't let that 'lazy day' turn into a longer period of inaction - keep going.

Turn inaction into action and you will feel a whole lot better.

Get up and get moving towards a brighter, more active day.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Is it time to turn the heating on yet?

My toes are cold,
My nose is red!
I feel like snuggling,
In a nice warm bed.

Is it time to turn the heating on yet?

It's cold outside,
Spiders crawl in!
Spinning their webs
Across doorways within

Is it time to turn the heating on yet?

The nights are darker,
Time to pull the shutters,
Light a candle,
Watch as it splutters.

Is it time to turn the heating on yet?

The shops have Christmas things,
Baubles and bell,
It must be October,
That's the start of the sell!

Is it time to turn the heating on yet?

I'm sitting here chilled,
My fingers are cold.
I need some warm socks,
If I might be so bold!

Is it time to turn the heating on yet?

The timer's right there,
Taunting such heat,
I look at it closely,
Ok, I am beat.

A flick of the switch,
And oh that's so good!
The heating's come on,
Just like it should

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

No more free bags!

I like to do my bit,
Recycle and such,
But paying for bags,
Is it just a bit much?

I always carry a bag,
When I go to the store.
It's always been ready,
That is for sure!

Charities get cash,
When we pay out our fee,
They're rubbing their hands,
Smiling in glee.

I suppose we'll adapt,
Remember our bags,
But when we forget,
Our smiles will flag.

At the end of the day,
It's only 5p,
We'll all keep on shopping,
Whatever the fee.

So the moral is clear,
If you want to save cash,
Make sure in your pocket,
You have a bag stash.

Monday, 5 October 2015

This beautiful world

I love this beautiful world of ours. It is so perfect. A precious gem floating in the vastness of space.

But take a closer look and there is death, destruction and pollution.

How I wish that this world could be at peace.

No more war, no more needless violence, no more destruction of precious natural resources.

It often seems that man is destined to destroy both himself and this planet.

How wonderful it would be if we didn't kill and fight with each other, if we all got on, compromised, found the best way forward without needing to resort to violence and war.

But the sad fact is that this will probably never happen.

Man will always find a reason to fight, to kill, to destroy.

But I still dream of a world were we all live in peace and harmony with both each other and the planet.

Maybe one day, far into the future, it will happen and this beautiful gem will be at peace. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015


We usually think of discomfort as something to be avoided.

But often in order to push ourselves and learn about our strengths and weaknesses, we will have to feel discomfort.

If we always stay within our comfort zone, we will never progress and grow.

New things often make us feel uncomfortable at first, because we are stepping into the unknown.

Meeting new people, trying new things, going to new places can all be causes of discomfort.

But we should welcome and embrace this feeling, because it brings with it new possibilities, challenges and knowledge.

So use this discomfort, see it as a strength, embrace it and go forward and reap the rewards that it brings.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The spider!

I'm lying in my bed,
All snug and tight,
When I spy a big spider!
It did give me a fright!

I lay and I watched,
As it scuttled and ran!
I don't like spiders,
So I hatched out a plan!

Downstairs I went,
For some paper, and a glass,
Catching this beastie,
Would require some class!

Up on the chair,
To reach right up high,
Spider, stay still!
Your ousting is nigh.

I trap the big beastie,
In the glass with it's lid,
I turned it right over.
And down spider slid!

Downstairs to the garden,
My quarry I took,
He sat there all moody,
And gave me a look!

Its cold in the garden
And maybe quite wet,
But out you will go,
You're not happy, I bet!

Now back up to bed,
To slumber, to sleep
No spiders are here,
To make my skin creep.

Friday, 2 October 2015

What are you worth?

This may seem like an odd question to ask.

Do I mean how much money you have? How much your home is worth?

No, I am talking about your worth as a person.

We often underestimate just how much we are worth.

To our friends and families, our colleagues, and most importantly to ourselves.

We all have a multitude of skills and knowledge that are unique to us.

It is often useful when we are feeling at a low ebb, that we are worthless to take the time to think about these skills and knowledge.

Then there are our special relationships.

There are just so many people out there in who's life you are important.

So when you have one of those days when you feel that you are worthless, take a moment.

Think about your true worth and how important you are to this world.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

What is the secret?

When we see a successful person, we often ask them: What is the secret?

But the truth of the matter is that there is no secret.

We all have hopes and desires, we all dream of a better life for our family.

But we feel that we will never fulfill these dreams because they are out of our reach.

But if we do not try to take steps towards these dreams, how will we ever reach them.

There is no secret formula, no insider information most of the time.

It is simply a matter of trying, taking the first faltering steps towards our dreams.

So instead of asking what the secret is, be the secret.

Be the person who tries, who makes positive, upwards steps, rather than the person who sits still and dreams.

Try, strive, keep going and success can be yours.