Monday, 4 August 2014


The day has come!
It's time to get fit.
I struggle to the shed,
And pull out my kit!

My bike's covered in rust!
It's getting quite old.
But, I look at my middle!
My intention won't fold!

Out comes the oil,
For chain and for cog.
Spray, twist and wipe.
Maybe I'll just go for a jog!

But now, job done,
Down the alley I ride!
This is rather good fun!
I wobble and swerve.

The wind in my hair,
I head out with joy,
To burn off some calories,
That is my ploy!

My legs they are flying,
And no, I'm not lying.
But tomorrow I dread
That they'll both feel like lead!

I wobble and ride,
My balance improves.
Down roads and path,
On my steed I do glide.

I walk the last hill,
I'm quite out of puff.
Catching my breath,
I've had almost enough.

Free wheeling quite fast,
I arrive back at home,
Oh at last!
I ache to the bone.

Feeling quite smug.
I put up my feet,
And munch a cream cake.
My post-biking treat!

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