Friday, 12 September 2014

I need a new shed!

I need a new shed.
The old one is shot,
But there again,
It's been through a lot!

The mice they have nested,
Shredded and scratched,
Their appetite for belongings,
Can never be matched!

The birds, on the roof,
Have landed to peck.
The felt is all gone,
My goodness, oh heck!

There's a hole in the back,
As big as a cat
Maybe one will climb in,
And sleep on the mat!

So off to the garden centre,
We must all run,
To look at new sheds,
Oh this will be fun.

Deciding and looking,
Going in and then out,
Metal or wood,
So much choice is about!

Then home we will come,
And erect our new shed
Only the mice will be sad,
Because they'll need a new bed!

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