Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas is coming

Christmas is near,
It's coming next week,
The presents need wrapping
Best to do it,
When the children are napping!

The fridge it is full,
With meat and with cheese,
Getting it in,
Was quite a tough squeeze!

The tree's in the loft,
Up I will climb,
To sneeze and to snort,
With the dust and the grime!

But give me a week,
And all will be done,
Then we will start,
With games and with fun.

When the presents they rip,
The children will grin,
Eager to play,
With the goodies within!

The lunch will be fab,
Even down to the sprouts,
And that last slice of turkey,
Daddy will grab!

We will all settle down,
After the food is all gone,
And the washing up is done,
Oh wow, there was a ton!

To board games and fun,
Giggles and smiles,
Spending time with each other,
Is better by miles,

Than going to work,
All that toil and grind.
I'm so glad that for a while,
We've left it behind.

The sun has gone down,
It's getting quite dark,
But this Christmas day,
Has been such a lark!

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