Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Pokemon hunting!

I'm a middle aged lady,
But my cheeks were aglow,
When at first I heard of,
Pokemon go!

Back in the day,
I had all the games,
I caught all the beasties,
Knew all their names!

I've got a smartphone,
I downloaded the app,
Was out hunting Pokemon,
Consulting the map!

My aim isn't good,
So I miss a fair few,
But maybe I'll catch,
That elusive Mewtwo.

I've run out of balls!
Where is that stop?
At the top of that slope.
Up there I will pop.

Three balls,
They now are all mine,
I'm back off a hunting,
Everything's fine!

Maybe I'll hit on a gym,
To clock up a win.
But no, I'm too weak,
More grinding, I grin.

So I'm off out again,
For a walk and a scout,
That wonderful Charizard,
I will hopefully rout!


  1. lol brilliant , carol, love this :) xxxx

  2. I don't like Pokémon anymore but this is amazing haha :)