Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Just stick to the rules!

I enter many comps,
On Facebook and Twitter,
I just write the answer,
On to the next, then I flitter.

But oh, deary me,
Some of the comments are sick!
I hope one of them,
Promoters don't pick!

My Grandad is dying,
This laptop would be great!
Let's hope he's still here,
On the big drawing date!

My son's in hospital,
Feeling quite ill,
But I'm home entering this,
I've got much time to kill!

My Mum has got cancer,
She's losing her hair!
Winning shampoo,
Would make her life fair!

Oh woe, is me,
I'm feeling so sad
Winning this tat,
I'd not feel so bad!

Look, here's a picture of my dog,
My unborn tot too,
I'll show all the world,
If my entry goes through.

Please, please, please,
It just asks for a word,
Not sickening long posts,
It's getting absurd!

They like and they love,
Share and cross fingers,
Emoji's are rife,
The annoyance, it lingers!

Now I'm off to enter,
To win something nice,
Perhaps I will tell,
Of my poor sickly mice!

So please have a care,
When entering now,
Just stick to the rules,
And never kowtow!


  1. Love it, and very well written! ("Perhaps I will tell, Of my poor sickly mice!" made me chuckle)