Friday, 24 March 2017

Glasses, glasses everywhere!

I went for my eye test,
Just the other day,
Squinted and struggled,
What will they say?

Do you drive?
No I do not,
That's good,
Cos your vision's not hot!

What work do you do?
Do you stare at a screen?
Yes? You need 'puter glasses,
So the text can be seen.

But I use reading glasses,
Is that so wrong?
No, no, they're no good,
They're rather too strong!

So down I go,
Perusing the frames,
There's many to choose from,
It's all fun and games!

I choose two pairs,
They're on offer you see,
Two for one,
That'll do nicely for me!

So now I've got four pairs!
General, reading and lappy,
Get it wrong,
And my eyes won't be happy!

So I'm sitting here now,
Surrounded by specs,
Chopping and changing,
Depending what's next!

Why can't I have,
Just one pair, not four?
Chopping and changing,
Is really a bore!

I did try varifocals,
But I didn't do well,
They made me feel,
Like I was at sea in a swell!

So for now and a while,
I guess this is best,
Now excuse me dear reader,
My eyes need a rest!


  1. I'm glad that you liked it. My house is beginning to resemble Specsavers lol.