Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Compressed Deodorants

I always like to do my bit for the environment where possible, but at the same time, I don't want to compromise on performance.
So when BzzAgent sent me some Dove compressed deodorants to try, it was a win win situation.
Compressed deodorants are said to deliver the same protection, but due to a new system they need less gas in each spray. Because less gas is needed, the can is smaller but still contains the same amount of deodorant. That means it will last just as long as your normal can, even though it is smaller in size.
Well, I wasn't convinced on this, how can something in a smaller package last as long? I would have to check this out. I had a rough idea of how long a standard can of deodorant of the same brand lasts, so with that in mind, I sprayed away. And my results? Yes the smaller can did indeed last as long as it's larger cousin. That's great news if you want to save space in the bathroom or want to have a lighter gym bag.
I could tell no difference, performance wise, between the compressed deodorant and the standard sized can.
They both kept me cool, fresh and confident all day.
But not only are these cans small and beautiful, they also use 50% less gas and around 25% less aluminum than their bigger brothers and sisters. So not only are they space saving, but they're better for the environment too.
The new deodorants are easy to spot. Not only are they smaller, but they also sport a nice green stripe around the top with the word 'Compressed' clearly written.
They are available in many popular brands, such as Sure for women, Dove and Vaseline. And, so that our masculine friends don't feel left out they are also available in Sure for Men, Dove Men+Care, Vaseline and Lynx.

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