Sunday, 8 June 2014

Slugs and Snails!!

The weather is warm,
The garden is green
I go and I look.
Slugs! Snails!
You are oh so mean!

My seeds I have tended,
Planted out with much care
I see with horror..............
I stop and I stare!

The leaves are a mess!
Holes you did munch!
You've eaten tomatoes,
For breakfast and lunch!!

My beans for tea,
They were grown,
But you've eaten them,
Crawled over then,
Leaves you have mown!!

But over there,
On the wall I do spy,
A hungry Blackbird.
Come, into the garden, please fly!

For those slugs and that snail
For your meal you will nail!
And maybe my plants
Will be safe and not fail.

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