Saturday, 14 June 2014

The monster

The air is hot and still.
There is a feeling that something is coming!
The hairs on my neck stand,
Static charge fills the air.

Clouds build, like towering mountains.
They reach into the sky,
Brooding and dark,
Blocking the sun's warmth.

The rain begins!
Light at first, then heavier.
Fat, heavy drops bounce.
The roads run like rivers.

The lightening tears the sky apart.
Purple, jagged, beautiful.
Thunder rolls, echoing and rumbling.

Nearer and nearer the storm comes.
Flashing and crashing in unison.
Wind rises.
Nature is showing her fury.

Trees bend,
The day becomes night.
Senses are bombarded
Light and sound

The air itself crackles,
With a life of it's own
The world is changed, wild!

After what seems an eternity,
Rain begins to lighten,
The storm begins to die.

The raging lion tames,
The clouds evaporate,
Just the distant rumble remains.

The sun peeps out,
Fearful that the clouds may choke it's rays once more.
But it is safe to shine.
The monster has gone!

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