Saturday, 21 May 2016

I am strong!

How do you define being strong? Does it mean being physically strong, or does it mean mentally strong?

Whichever way we perceive it, we have the tools to increase that strength.

If we do nothing, do not challenge ourselves, take those first steps out of our comfort zone, then we will never get stronger.

But with each small step we make, our strength will begin to increase.

As we push ourselves a little further each time, we teach our body and soul to become stronger.

With steady progress we will become stronger than we ever thought that we could.

Or lives and happiness, our very confidence in our own abilities will grow along with our strength.

Only when we push the limits of comfort will we truly know how strong we can be, and how much we are capable of.

So take that first step today, use your body and mind, challenge it, grow strong.

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