Monday, 30 May 2016

What will you choose?

Our lives are full of choices, from the tiny right up to the life changing.

What we have chosen to do up until now has shaped us into the person that we are today.

What we choose to do from now will shape our future.

Whether we succeed in life or not is mainly down to the choices that we make along our way.

All of our choices matter, even the small ones can have consequences that we cannot foretell.

Each choice is like a crossroad, and the next choice is yet another crossroad, and so on.

These many paths can lead to an infinite amount of possibilities, some good, some not so good.

Some choices are easy, some are very difficult, but each has it's own set of consequences.

So it is wise to consider our choices wisely, to make them work for us and to help us become the best that we possibly can be.

We should take our time, consider our actions, get the most that we can from our choices.

So what path are you going to take today? Choose wisely, grow and learn.

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