Thursday, 3 August 2017


She stood, the wind slicking back her hair, blowing away the tears that fell from her eyes.

Why had things changed? All of those years, listening, passing on knowledge, feeling at one with those around her.

Life was full of sound, full of chatter, love and laughter then. True, there was never silence, but she was not used to that anyway!

Ever since her birth, there had been the voices. Precocious, her Mum had said. 'Knows more than she should!'

But what had changed? Why did they not speak to her anymore? 

It had all started with her illness. As it took hold, they drew back, became quieter, eventually becoming silent.

She felt so alone, their voices no longer her eternal companions. Nobody could understand. Why should they? They lived in a stifled, closed world of silence!

She understood, they were giving her space to heal, to rest. She was sure that they would return – wouldn't they?

It felt as though the wind around her was playing tricks on her ears. She was sure that she could hear her name being called.

Are you there? She called. Have you come back to me?

Just the whistling wind answered her cries.

She turned to go, rushing to get out of the bitter, biting wind, back to the warmth of home.

She reached home, her hand on the door handle when...............

Yes, there was no mistake this time, she heard her name being called. Softly, sweetly.

She turned her head, looking for the source. But of course there was nobody there!

She smiled, realising that they were still there, after all. Biding their time until she was well.

Then came the rush of love which filled her to bursting.

'Don't worry my child, we have not left you, we were always here, watching, waiting for today.'

And with a beautiful rush the voices returned. Spirit voices, the loved ones who had passed into another realm. She was home again.

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