Tuesday, 15 August 2017

I can't work it out!

I love a good puzzle,
Crosswords and such,
They keep my mind active,
So it don't addle too much!

But oh, this puzzle I'm on!
Days, I have toiled
I can't work it out!
My fun it is spoiled!

I get out the books,
To check up on the word,
But still it won't fit,
This is getting absurd!

I check out a website,
To finish the clue,
But still it won't work,
I'm feeling quite blue!

I throw down the book,
In a bit of a shock,
This difficult thing,
Is starting to mock!

I need to get out,
For a walk I will go,
Maybe my brain,
Will get a good blow!

A lightbulb comes on.
That's the answer I seek!
Flying high in the sky,
I look up for a peek.

Drone! That's the one,
I've done it at last!
I fill in the squares,
And finish quite fast.

I smile and turn,
To the next puzzle page,
Sudoko, oh no,
This will take me an age!

But I'll do it, you'll see
I'll work it all out,
Cos using my brain,
Is what it's about!


  1. I love a good crossword, but can't do those darned sudoko puzzles! Great poem :)

    1. I can do them, but they certainly aren't my idea of fun - give me a good crossword any day too.

    2. Glad you're a fellow crossword lover, but I'm still in awe of anyone who can do sudoko (at least, do it without tearing their hair out). I tried to do a few a while ago and it seemed to be going well, until I got nearer the end and realised nothing was actually fitting... It's just frustrating!
      Caz x

  2. Yeah, I have never got on with sudoko either :) Love the poem too!

    1. Give me a nice crossword or wordsearch over a sudoko any day :)