Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I went to the Doc,
Just the other day,
Cos, I was feeling ill,
In many a way!

Aching and tired,
Tingly and numb,
Dragging around,
Feeling quite glum!

Ah, I need some blood,
To do a quick test,
Then go home and wait,
While we do the rest.

A few days did pass,
Oh dear, what is wrong,
Please hurry up,
What's taking so long!

At last, a call,
To tell me my ills,
We can fix this,
With a course of some pills.

Its quite simple you know,
You're lacking in D,
That vitamin from sunshine,
Is too low in me!

I pick up my pills,
Some yellow, some green!
Just one a day,
I take one, quite keen.

It's a long old job,
Three months on the dose,
But it will all be worth it,
When it comes to the close.

I'm already feeling better,
After a couple of days,
Finish em up,
And my spirits will raise.

The moral is learned,
To keep up my D,
A short time outside,
When the sun I do see.

Maybe a few pills as well,
And I'll be right as rain,
Happy and smiling,
As health I regain.


  1. I was diagnosed with chronic Vit D deficiency last year and went on a high prescription dose for a few months, now have to take it daily for life. Definitely an undervalued and under-appreciated vitamin. Love the poem!! x

    1. Yes, I will have to take them for life too. I'd rather take a pill a day than feel like I have been. I'm glad that you like it :)

  2. Great poem, thanks for sharing! I didn't realise you could feel so grotty if not getting enough Vitamin D!

  3. It can cause all sorts of problems if it gets very low. We generally feel better on a sunny day, because our bodies naturally synthesise the vitamin from sunlight to top up our levels.