Friday, 9 February 2018


I love to comp,
As many of you know.
Web and Facebook,
I go with the flow.

But a while ago,
I found something new,
Twitaculous it's called,
Does the name give a clue?

Hundreds of prizes,
Are listed each day,
Over on Twitter,
I join, have a play.

I paid for a month,
To see how I do!
After a week, I won.
Out of the blue!

I enter each day,
Slowly I play,
Or you'll end up in jail,
Twitter does say!

I tweet and I follow,
Like and reply,
I'm having such fun,
My fingers do fly!

Another batch done,
Time for a brew
But in a few hours time,
I'll be back, do a few!

So thanks Twitaculous,
For being such fun,
I hope you like this verse,
My job here is done!


  1. A tweet with a link,
    It sounds like fun,
    A poem for me,
    It's great, thanks a ton!

    Well done on your win,
    That's better than me,
    I add them all day,
    With laptop on knee.

    100's each week,
    I sit and I find,
    Some people say "thanks",
    Your words are so kind,

  2. Ah, a fellow poet. I'm glad that you like it :)