Saturday, 3 May 2014

Cawston Press Sparkling Apple and Rhubarb Review

Cawston Press Sparkling Apple and Rhubarb is sparkling soft drink, available in 330ml bottles and cans, retailing at around £1.

Each 100ml contains 32kcal and contains Sparkling Water, Pressed Apple Juice, Pressed Rhubarb Juice, Sugar, Malic Acid, Vitamin C, Fruit & Vegetable Extracts.

It contains no artificial sweeteners, colourings or preservatives.

The fruit juices are blended together to make a delightfully refreshing drink, which makes a lovely change from other fizzy soft drinks.

So, on to the taste taste. When I poured the drink into a glass, I was quite surprised by the lack of colour - somehow I was expecting it to be red. But thinking about it, there's no artificial colour, so it shouldn't be.

I love rhubarb and it's tart taste, so this drink tasted very pleasing indeed to me. But I can see that if you aren't a fan of rhubarb, then you could find it a bit too sharp. To me, this just adds to it's charm.

The drink is lightly sparkling, rather than the super duper fizziness of many other drinks, which again, I like.

I hate the bloated feeling that comes from the more mainstream drinks, so I tend to avoid them.

But this isn't a problem with this one. The bubbles are subtle, so there's none of that horrible 'mouth full of foam' situation.

Overall, I like this drink and I would certainly buy it again. There are many other interesting flavours in the range that I would like to try too, including Brilliant Beetroot, Apple and Ginger and Apple and Elderflower.

So, if you see Cawston press drinks in the shops, then I recommend that you give them a try for a more grown up and sophisticated taste than the usual brands.

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