Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mornflake Superfast Fruit & Nut Muesli Pot Review

This muesli is a mix of fruit and nuts. The oats and cereals are blended with Chilean flame raisins, apple, chopped dates and apricots, roasted nuts and toasted coconut.

The handy pot can be eaten on the go, you just need to add water and stir to reconstitute the milk powder in the mixture.

Each 80grm pot contains around 306 calories, is suitable for vegetarians and costs around £1.

So, on to the taste taste. The lid of the pot has a nifty push out spoon, which clips together. The idea of the pot is that you can eat it on the go, but you still need the water to reconstitute the milk powder. So, either you have to buy a bottle of water, or have access to drinking water.

On opening, I was surprised at just how little cereal there is. It fills less than a quarter of the tub. I know that you need the space to stir the product, but this stills seem rather excessive.

Taste wise, well, it tastes like muesli, as expected. There's a good mix of fruit, nuts and cereals. When water is added, it dissolves the milk powder well, but it needs a very good stir, otherwise the powder gets trapped at the bottom of the pot.

Would I buy it? The answer is, personally, no, as I see no need for it. But I can see that if you are out and about, it would be a quick and easy breakfast, providing that you have access to water. It is also expensive considering the amount of muesli in the pot. 

But if you want a tasty, healthy breakfast on the go, then it would be just the thing.

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