Friday, 26 February 2016

Feeding the birds

I love all my birds,
From large down to small,
I feed them each day,
I welcome them all.

The feeders are empty
The birdies are sad,
Must top them up,
Or I'll feel very bad!

Fat balls and grain,
Are the things they like best,
But they also like rice,
They eat it with zest.

My friends are lined up,
On chimneys and roof,
Staring at me,
Looking svelte and aloof!

I go back indoors,
And wait for the fun,
Down they all fly,
Like a shot from a gun.

They flap and they rush,
To the feeders and such
Fighting and squabbling,
For some it's too much.

Small birds and large,
Pigeons and thrush,
They all eat their fill,
They're in such a rush!

Now the food is all gone,
And so are my pals,
Off to the sky,
To other locales.

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