Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The M.R.I

I need an M.R.I,
A scan on my head,
I'm feeling quite nervous,
As I look at the bed!

This won't hurt a bit,
The doctor told me,
It'll take half an hour,
And then you can flee!

I lay on the bed,
Earphones are put on,
Cos, the machine is quite noisy,
I don't want my hearing to be gone!

Then a helmet,
It covers my head,
But there's a little mirror,
So I can see the world from my bed!

Into the tunnel I slide,
The machine makes a groan,
Eek, this is it!
I inwardly moan.

Oh, the sound is so loud,
With bangs and a thump!
I'm really on edge,
With each one I do jump.

The time marches on,
Surely the end it is near?
I want to go home,
Want an end to this fear!

The job is now done,
I'm released, I am free!
I go and get dressed,
And then home I do flee.

Now there's a wait for results,
It'll be quite a strain,
But I can't help but wonder,
Did they find I had a brain?

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