Sunday, 28 February 2016

Getting better

I've been so ill,
For quite a while,
It's really quite boring,
It's becoming a trial!

I've been sat on the sofa,
For day after day,
I need some strength,
To enjoy life my way.

But with the help of drugs,
And a touch of fresh air,
I'm starting to feel better,
Slowly getting there.

Today, I'm bored!
A new feeling to be sure!
The great outdoors,
Holds a certain allure!

Maybe a walk around the block,
Would be rather nice,
To build up my muscles,
That's my doctor's advice.

So on with my coat,
And out of the door!
It's just such a shame,
That the weather is poor!

My legs feel good,
Not wobbly and weak!
I'm going to get better,
More strength I do seek

Now I'm back home,
And the sofa looks good!
Maybe a little sit down,
Now I've walked and I've stood!

Tomorrow I'll be stronger,
Walk a bit more,
Further and further,
I'll walk from my door.

Then when some time has passed,
And my strength is all good,
I'll run, play and jump,
Like I knew that I would!

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