Sunday, 29 April 2018

A Mum thing

I moved out of my parents' home over 35 years ago and my brothers had moved out several years before that.

As a child, I had my own bedroom, and even had a plaque on the door proclaiming that it was my room. My brothers shared another.

Even to this day, my parents still call the room my bedroom. If asked where something is, My Mum will say 'Its in the boys room' or 'Its in Seren's room.'

The plaque still hangs there to this day, proudly in place.

My daughter moved out over a year ago. And I've found myself doing exactly the same.

There's still a plaque on the door with her name on, it is still referred to as her room, even though she now owns a house of her own.

It isn't the spare room, or the back bedroom – it is still HER room.

It must be a way in which Mums cope with things when their precious babies fly the nest, a way of keeping them close to them in some way.

Maybe if it is still called their room, then in some way they have not really gone. Sentimental things, us Mums, aren't we.

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