Sunday, 15 April 2018

Dog sitting

Our friends have a dog.
She's quiet as a mouse,
They've gone on a holiday,
So she's come to our house.

With her bed and her food,
Some toys and a treat,
Having her visit,
Just cannot be beat.

The neighbour has a cat,
It doesn't like hounds!
Over the fence,
To its garden, it bounds.

She goes on long walks,
Stops often to sniff.
Reading the messages,
Catching a whiff.

She loves everyone,
Gives them a smile,
Has a good sniff,
Then walks on in a while.

She loves other dogs,
Jumps, bows and plays,
Tongue hanging out,
She's enjoying her days.

After her walk,
She needs a long sleep,
Snoring and wuffing,
As she dreams about sheep!

But all too soon,
Her family come back,
And off she will go,
Her things we will pack.

We love our doggy visits,
Its never a chore,
I wonder if her owners,
Would like to holiday more!

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