Monday, 2 April 2018

The wedding dress is chosen!

The wedding dress is chosen,
Its finally done.
Hunting around,
Has been so much fun.

The menu is sorted,
It sounds oh so nice,
Something for everyone,
Even sweet sugar mice!

Suits will be tried,
To find the best style,
So the very smart men,
Will make everyone smile.

Dresses for bridesmaids,
Will be chosen soon too,
There's so much choice,
What style, what hue?

The cake has been ordered,
It will be oh so yummy,
A slice after dinner,
Will fill up the tummy.

The flowers will be pretty,
Springs blooms, you see,
Tulips and daffodils,
Maybe a corsage for me.

There's music, a disco,
So we can all dance,
Flashing coloured lights,
As around we all prance.

What fun will be had,
On that very special day,
For very good weather,
Naturally, we'll pray.

And after that day,
My daughter will be a Mrs
With a handsome young husband,
To shower with kisses.

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