Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Homonym Homage

Our language is rich,
We use it each day,
But it can be confusing,
To those from away.

Words that sound the same,
Like there and also their,
To use them correctly,
We must spell them with care.

Then there's bow,
A most tricky word,
With many meanings,
So I have heard.

There's the bow of a ship,
Or tying a lace,
Or used to fire an arrow,
At a far away place!

What about two,
The number of a pair?
Can I join too?
Is it quite fair?

How about bark?
The noise of a dog,
But it's also a covering,
For a tree and a log!

When hanging a picture,
You might hammer a nail,
But mind the nail on your thumb,
Or you surely will fail!

Fancy a jape with a friend,
How about pool?
To swim or the game,
Get it wrong, you're a fool!

It is a fine season,
Spring is now here,
And salt on your food?
Is tasty, I hear.

I could go on,
With many a line
But I think I'll stop here,
It'll do me just fine.

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