Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Let go of resentment

We have all felt resentment at times during our lives.

Sometimes it is because we feel that someone has wronged us, or it may be that we feel that somebody has been given something in a way that displeases us.

It is what we do with these feelings of resentment that is important.

We could hold them within ourselves, letting them grow, letting them suck away our joy of life.

Or we could acknowledge them and simply let them go, leaving space for joy and happiness to fill their space.

Carrying this burden of resentment saps us of energy, eats into our precious time, poisons our souls.

It leaves us feeling tired, fed up and we don't enjoy our day to day lives as much.

It is not easy to let go of these resentful feelings, but we must try, for the sake of both our own happiness and those around us.

Resentment will give us nothing. So let it go, and be free once more.

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