Monday, 21 March 2016

The curse of the many lights!

I am all for saving energy, both to help our wonderful planet and also because I don't like paying more for my bills than I have to.

But why, oh why do I have to put up with so many lights?

As I am typing this, sitting comfortably downstairs on the sofa, the home hub upstairs is blinking and winking with a myriad of coloured lights. I can't see them from here, I know that the internet is working, because I am using it. The only purpose of these lights seems to be to rob me of sleep if I go to bed before the rest of the family.

Then there is the TV, with its solitary red eye, taunting me: If you want to watch me, just press this button, just here, the one with the light on, and I will spring to life and entertain you! Do the manufacturers think that I will forget where the 'on' button is if it hasn't got a light on it to remind me?

The thermostat has a little winking light on it, reassuring me that it is alive and working. The boiler in return has its own blue light to confirm that it is still on talking terms with the thermostat! But I am warm, so the heating is indeed working, I don't need two lights to tell me that.

If I come downstairs in the night, the front room is lit up like Christmas! The game consoles, laptops, tablets all have their little blinking lights to say that they are still alive and well, even if they are on standby mode.

The last person to bed could unplug and shut down everything, but in the real world, it doesn't happen and some things cannot be turned off to quench their lights, such as fridges, freezers and heating systems.

So come on manufacturers, either stop with the unnecessary lights, or give us an option to turn them off when they are not needed – for the sake of the planet, our bank balance, and our sanity!


  1. This post has made me "see the light" :)

    1. Seeing the light is a wonderful experience most of the time, but in this situation, not so much :-)