Saturday, 21 November 2015

Did you notice?

Did you notice the sky,
As blue as the sea,
Shining so brightly, 
On you and on me.

Did you notice the air, 
Fresh and cool,
Whipping up leaves,
Like a windy whirlpool.

Did you notice the smile of your child,
The feel of her skin.
Her soft, tender touch,
Leaves you quite in a spin.

Did you notice the love, 
Felt in your heart.
When you looked in the eyes 
Of your true sweetheart.

Did you know that you're blessed,
There is so much love,
Your life and your dreams, 
They fit like a glove.

So when the times, they get hard,
And you feel you must cry,
Remember these things, 
Smile and sigh.

Your life is so blessed, 
Is so good and so fine
That you should be quite happy, 
And write it in rhyme.

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