Monday, 9 November 2015

Today is my Birthday

Today is my Birthday,
My own special day.
And I plan to enjoy it,
In every way.

It's hard to believe,
Half a century has gone by,
So much time,
It surely does fly.

A visit from family,
A bottle of wine,
A glass, perhaps two,
Would suit me just fine.

My friends on Facebook,
Will message with glee
Happy Birthday,
They will say just for me!

My day will be spent,
With frolics and fun,
From the dawns early light,
Until the day's nearly done.

But one thing is sure,
Birthdays wouldn't be such fun,
Without friends and family,
There'd be nearly none!

So if you are reading,
And do wish me good cheer,
I thank you so much,
For being right here.

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