Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Black Friday blues

It's Black Friday,
It's that time of year,
To bag a good bargain,
Be of good cheer.

Shall I battle the crowds,
Maybe go into town,
To save a few pennies,
It would be stressful, I frown!

So I sit on the sofa,
And go on the net,
I can shop in such comfort,
On that you can bet.

I hit the first site,
See bargains with glee,
That's lots of nice savings,
Plenty of goodies for me.

Into my basket,
The items I pop,
Then it is time,
To pay for my shop.

Welcome back!
The page it does say,
Input your password,
And then you can pay.

But I can't remember,
It's been quite a while
Send a reminder,
It's easy, I smile.

But it's not to be,
Because the link,
Goes to the wrong place!
I sit, groan and think!

I can't be bothered,
With shopping right now.
My head is now pounding,
There's sweat on my brow!

I think I'll just wait,
For a day, maybe two,
Then maybe my order,
Will checkout, go through.

With all good intentions,
I started my day,
But now, Black Friday,
Please go away!

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