Saturday, 14 November 2015


As I sit here typing, I am watching the horrifying news from Paris on the television.

Such a waste of innocent lives, and many other lives will be forever changed.

My heart goes out to all of those that have been affected by this.

These events have made my mind turn once again to peace.

This is both peace within ourselves and peace for the world.

Peace starts within each and every one of us.

Instead of resorting to violence, anger and frustration, we should respond to situations with love and peace.

Peace is not weakness, it is not defeat, it is a confident, powerful and effective thing.

It makes us committed to do right, rather than being overcome by hatred and anger.

Being at peace will not only help us to deal with the bad things that happen to us, but it also helps those around us to feel calmer.

Be at peace, radiate it, be a shinning light in the darkness.

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