Thursday, 5 November 2015

Wait for it!

How often have you felt that overwhelming need to do or have something right at this second?

Sometimes taking the plunge and having it now is acceptable, but there are times when it is really better to wait a while.

If we step back and wait, sometimes the outcome can be better.

It gives us a chance to examine what it is that we want and whether it is truly the right thing for us to do right now.

By waiting, we may find that there is something better suited to our needs and will save us the frustration of having or doing something that just isn't quite right.

We may also find that by waiting, we realise that we didn't really want it after all, which will leave room in our life for something more fulfilling.

So before jumping in with both feet, step back and wait a bit. Think it through, look at alternatives.

Wait for it and make sure that what you finally decide to do is the best possible fit for your needs.

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