Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fitbit fun

I bought myself a fitbit,
A couple of weeks ago,
To help me get fitter,
Stop me getting quite so slow.

On went the band,
And I went for a roam,
Oh my legs ached so much.
You could hear me moan and groan!

But two weeks on,
I'm getting much better,
Stronger and fitter,
Following my goals to the letter!

Just a few more stairs,
A few more steps to go,
I'm quite enjoying myself,
Getting out and about, you know.

I meet up with a friend,
Walking with their dog.
Have a nice chat,
That's another walk to log!

I watch the birds,
Singing in the trees,
Ducks a swimming,
Hear the buzzing of the bees.

I'm now a bit lighter,
Much less out of puff,
I'll run up those stairs,
Have I done quite enough?

Buzz buzz,
Today's goal is done.
But tomorrow's another day,
I'll walk and have some fun.

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