Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Young love

Stephanie sat staring at the screen. No new views yet again, no young male suitors wanting to meet her.

She just didn't understand it. She'd registered with the site, filled in all of her details truthfully, added a recent photo and nothing.

Was she really that boring? Didn't anybody find her interests, well, interesting?

She'd led an exciting life up until now, travelling the world, living out of a back back, skinny dipping on remote beaches under a moonlit sky.

She rose, stretched out her aching muscles and ran herself a hot bath. Maybe that exercise class earlier had been a bit much after the party of the night before.

She sank into the fragrant, bubbly water and began to think.

What could she do to get more views? How could she appear more interesting? 

A smile slowly formed on her lips. Yes! Of course, that could well be the answer to her problem!

She dried herself and headed back to the computer, her plan now fully formed.

She opened her profile page, looking at her photo, let's have something a bit different, she said to herself with a smile.

She browsed her computer, looking through photo after photo. Ah, yes, that would do. Her 21 year old, smiling face looked back at her, tanned and healthy.

She remembered that day vividly. It was on a back packing holiday in the Australian outback with a friend. She pressed the button and uploaded it to her profile.

What next? Maybe a little massaging of the truth? Yes, just a little, nothing too obvious.

After all, one they'd met her, they would realise how attractive and interesting she really was!

She finished her work and smiled. Yes, this should draw in some nice gentlemen who would like to meet her for a date.

She looked at the clock – ah, time to go!

She rose, grabbing her pension book from the table and headed out to the Post Office.

Well, she hadn't exactly lied, had she? A young toyboy would be just the thing to put a spring in those old legs of hers – she'd always liked them young!

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