Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Love everlasting

Today marks our 30th wedding anniversary. How the years have flown.

It doesn't seem that long since our wedding day, and here we are, still together 30 years later!

It made me think about love, in all of its many guises.

When we are in that first flush of love in a new relationship, it is all encompassing, it fills our very being to the brim, leaving little space for anything else.

But over the years, that raging fire dies down into a more consistent warmth.

But that does not mean that the love has died, it has merely changed character.

It is at this point that many couples feel that they are growing apart because the love is not as strong.

But that is not always true, it is just that we have grown and adapted to that love as a couple.

We still love and care about each other, still hold hands, cuddle and talk about our hopes and fears, just as we did all of those years ago.

Love changes as we do. As we grow to know each other, we feel more comfortable and at ease in each others company without feeling the need to have such flamboyant gestures to prove our love to each other.

Love has many faces: Looking after each other when we are ill, dropping other things when we are needed, laughing and crying together.

Love has many faces and guises which are eternally changing.

Love should be cherished and kept alive today and every day.

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