Saturday, 16 April 2016


I sit, close my eyes,
I fall, deep within myself.
My body numbs,
My mind is set free.

A gossamer touch against my face,
Whispered voices heard,
Love, enveloping me.
Warmth, rapture, joy.

Knowledge, whispered knowledge.
Things of which I know nothing,
Knowledge of all, everything,
Swirling within, filling me.

I am at one, I am free,
I am filled with light, with love.
Flying, flying in the never ending abyss.
Here is where I want to stay.

But I must return,
There is much to do!
Messages to give,
Hope to inspire.

I leave, my body becomes heavy.
I open my eyes.
I feel empty.
I stretch, get up, connect with this mortal world.

My whole being yearns to be back in that place for eternity.
To love, to learn, to be free of pain and suffering.
The time will come, but not for many years yet.
I must stay, live, be human!

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