Saturday, 5 December 2015


I love December,
My favourite month of all,
Good will and love,
Children to enthral.

The shops, full of lights,
And goodies to buy,
Cards, paper, food,
Many things we do spy.

We rush and stress,
Get weary and tire,
Feel like we're being dragged,
Down into the mire!

But at the end of the month,
It's soon Christmas day.
And we want it to be perfect,
In every way.

But don't lose sight,
Of what it's about,
Not spending money,
Not, gadding about.

It's to celebrate a birth,
Many years, long ago,
A baby so perfect,
In a manager, amid snow.

So when you sit down,
To eat Christmas lunch,
Remember why we celebrate,
When on parsnips you crunch!

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