Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas day!

Its Christmas Day!
Its finally here,
And I would like to wish you,
Some festive good cheer.

The dinner is cooking,
The family are here,
There's love and contentment,
From everyone near.

The TV is on,
To watch something fun
Maybe a film,
Once our dinner is done.

Maybe a walk is in order,
To burn off some grub,
As long as you don't,
Stop off at the pub!

Or a nice family game,
Charades are quite fun,
We'll smile and laugh,
Until the day's nearly done

The day has drawn on,
Night will soon fall,
I hope that you are all,
Having a ball.

Good will to everyone,
Wherever you are,
Merry Christmas to all,
Both near and afar!

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