Monday, 21 December 2015

Have an amazing day

Today is a special day. We will never get the chance to live it again, to change it.

We should make today, and every day matter.

We should strive to do the best that we can, to make the most of this short day.

We can spend our day feeling sad, or we can fill it with joy and laughter.

We have the choice to smile or cry, to love or to hate.

Once this day is over, we should be able to look back, knowing that we made it a good day, a worthwhile day.

And when we wake, tomorrow will be a new today, ready to be enjoyed and lived to the full once more.

Enjoy each day and all of the surprises and joy that it brings, because one day, tomorrow will not come, and our actions throughout each of these days will be the memories of those that we leave behind.

Make sure that those memories are ones that will be treasured and cherished. Be the best that you can.

Have an amazing day.

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